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House Manager hire

house manager hire

House manager hire with Sara Vestin Rahmani and team

Needless to say, a House Manager will streamline all your household needs, communicating with and managing vendors, maintenance contractors and more. Undoubtedly, he or she is a very useful member of staff to hire.

We have a large amount of wonderful house managers at our domestic staff agency. Our house manager hire service allows you to hire house managers for all over the globe. No job is too bit or too small for the Bespoke Bureau house manager.

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Responsibilities & Duties of the House Manager

The house manager is senior manager in a private household. He or she usually works in a large home or an estate (then called an estate manager).

Examples of duties of a house manager:

  • First of all, work on-site and remotely, running the property and residence, maintaining interior and exterior care year-round on a day-to-day basis.
  • Secondly, coordinate schedules with Principals, Executive Assistants and set up the household calendar.
  • Thirdly, schedule, supervise and oversee vendors, trades, seasonal maintenance contracts and construction projects.
  • Also, manage and oversee electronics, updating technology as needed.
  • Moreover, run errands and grocery shop, managing pantry and household inventories.
  • Manage vehicles (personal and utility), booking service for car cleaning.
  • Organize and assist the family in packing and unpacking for travel.
  • Perform Human Resources tasks related to employment of housekeeper, cook, nanny and babysitters (i.e. process time to payroll service).
  • Last but not least, proactively maintain primary household (and any other homes) creating lists and logs as part of excellent project management.
house manager hire

We have a wide range of domestic staff available for hire

Experience and Qualifications needed to be a house manager

Of course, all house managers on our books have years of experience working in households. Interestingly, some are former property managers. A house manager does not need a qualification but of course, it can help. Therefore, we train house managers at our famous British Butler Academy. However, in order to train with us, you need to have previous background in either corporate management, service or in a household. Interestingly enough, Private PAs become very good house managers often. Also, ex housekeepers can train and become excellent house managers with us.

Difference and similarities of House Manager hire and Butler Hire

The Butler, as opposed to the Household Manager, traditionally serves a more formal figure. The butler deals with protocol, formal service, fine wines and household etiquette. Both positions involve a lot of hands-on service to the principals and their guests. Their work schedule will often vary in days or hours, requiring a degree of flexibility.

Experience required of the House manager and Butler

  • Vendor and project management skills.
  • Knowledge of etiquette and protocol  is good.
  • Formal service of fine wines and food  is a must.
  • Ability to represent the household from telephone manner to reception of guests.
  • Knowledge of and expertise in caring for fine arts, antiques, silver, china.
  • Car knowledge.
  • Valeting skills for both males and females.
  • Eye for detail and ability to anticipate.
  • Ability to read mood of principal’s and other household members and adapt accordingly.
  • Experienced in delivery of thoughtful, discreet and unobtrusive service.
  • Demonstrated discretion and confidentiality

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