Domestic Agency Fees

Bespoke Bureau’s Domestic Agency Fees. Needless to say, we are world leaders in Elite Household and Hotel staff. First of all, we want you to know that our agency fees are affordable and competitive. Contact us for full terms and fees or to find out how we can help you save money on domestic staffing: or +442032900142 for more info.

Bespoke Bureau Agency Fees List

Standard Agency Fees:

UK Permanent placement: 20% of the Candidate’s annual gross salary
Overseas Permanent Placements: 25% of the Candidate’s annual gross salary

Fast track Agency fees:

50% off the Standard Fees above.

Temporary Agency fees:

All Candidates UK: £200 a week
All Candidates Overseas: £300 a week

Minimum temp booking period: 4 weeks
No Fast track available on temporary bookings

Please note that our minimum domestic agency fee is £1000+VAT

VAT is charged on top of all our fees at the UK rate of 20%

Explanation of our various Agency Fees:

We have 2 options available for any Client who wants us to search for a Candidate for them.

Standard Fee entails:

• £200+VAT registration fee to commence the search. If this amount is not paid at the start of the search for whatever reason, it will then be added to the final fee instead of being deducted.

• Standard payment as per the Agency Scale of Fees when offer of employment is made and accepted (as per the above terms).

Fast Track Fee entails:

This is our most popular search option. 90% of our business is either repeat business or done via recommendation and word of mouth. The majority of our Clients know that we have enough Candidates for them to choose from. Interestingly, you give us exclusive rights to search for you. You get a number of unrivalled privileges in return and as a thank you for trusting us.

  • 50% off the Standard fee (see Scale of fees below)
  • Payment Upfront (ie before the starts commences)

Advantages of our Fast Tracking Agency Fee:

1. Lowered Agency cost by 50% which is very competitive in today’s private staffing market.

2. Waived £200+VAT registration fee.

3. VIP Status which means that we will deal with your needs in a prioritised manner.

4. 3 months back up Agency Guarantee instead of 8 weeks. Enquire within for a longer period.

5. Reduced rate training course/s at our British Butler Academy for the Candidate. Impressively, we offer training for all types of domestic staff. We are an accredited learning centre in central London. Uniquely, we are the only Domestic Staff Agency to offer training as well as placements. Of course, our certificates are all formal qualifications. You can opt for any combination of 1-2 day of the following:

  • Butler Training
  • Service or Etiquette training (Incl Silver service)
  • British Accent Training
  • Housekeeping training
  • Maternity nurse training

Contact us:

For full domestic agency fees information and terms please contact us via or phone: +442032900142

Domestic Agency Fees

Sara Vestin Rahmani – The Agency Owner

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