About us: The World’s Best Domestic Staff Agency

Learn about us: Impressively, we are a long standing high-end Recruitment and Training Agency of Domestic Staff and Elite Service Staff. Uniquely, we are located in the heart of London. Moreover, The Bespoke Bureau Domestic Staff Agency is the world leader in high end recruitment and training of elite service staff. Needless to say, we recruit for the HNWI Sector, Worldwide Royals, Super Yacht Owners, 5 Star Hotels and VIP clubs across the globe.

The reason for our success

Over the years, we have become know as the world’s best domestic staff agency. Interestingly, the company is the brain child of our director and owner, Sara Vestin Rahmani. Impressively, along with her fleet of staff, Sara Vestin Rahmani has built up excellent long-standing relationships with our private clients that consist of HNW people, 5 Star Hotels, celebrities, as well as Royals across the globe. Also, uniquely, all of the domestic staff agency’s and academy’s business is channelled via personal recommendations and we have a reputation amongst our clients and candidates of being professional, reliable, discreet and quick. Moreover, we listen to your needs and get it right the first time! Of course, the domestic staff agency and academy work alongside you, over the phone or in person, at our premises or yours. Last but not least, our service to you is tailor made. As our name suggests, Bespoke-Your Life Tailor Made. 

What separates us from the competition? Read about us and how we made it

Interestingly, Bespoke Bureau and The British Butler Academy have gone one step further and invested time as well as thousands of pounds and more to provide the most reputable private service company in the World. Obviously, we are considered not only a 5 star, but a 6 star company. Also, Sara Vestin Rahmani, who is also known as “Britain’s first lady of service” runs a tight ship and makes sure that everything we do is to our clients satisfaction. Uniquely, we are a Franchise and operate globally with focus on the UK, Europe, Middle East, China and Russia. Needless to say, Sara Vestin Rahmani and her proud company’s focus is client satisfaction.

Examples about us and what makes us unique

  • First of all, we offer an unrivalled 12 month back up re-placement guarantee for clients hiring domestic staff
  • Moreover, we offer an agency price match guarantee to ensure you always pay the lowest fees
  • Of course, all our business is channelled via recommendations
  • Uniquely, we never advertise
  • Impressively, we feature weekly in the world’s high cred media
  • Last but not least, we own the British Butler Academy which will also train all your staff
About us Sara Vestin Rahmani

Our owner – Sara Vestin Rahmani

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Sara Vestin Rahmani

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