Luxury goods import to China

We provide luxury goods importing to China as well as provide 5 star service hospitality training to China. Seen as the first lady of service in Britain, not only does our owner, Sara Vestin Rahmani cater to the need for service in China.

Sara Vestin Rahmani’s role in the luxury goods import to China

Sara has built up an exceptional relationship and gained the trust of her impressive clientèle by placing and training high end domestic staff in their households and hotels. It was only a matter of time until her herd, consisting mainly of international royals and high net worth individuals started asking for Sara’s expert advice in private investments such as fine art.

Luxury goods import to China includes sales of exceptional contemporary art

Sara Vestin Rahmani advises business investors and those clients who love art on what to buy and for how much. Considered one of the most influential women in art in the United Kingdom, Sara’s opinion matters. Often Chinese clients let her pick her top art picks of the month for them, resting assured they will have some beautiful art hanging on the walls of their mansions and yachts. Often, the prices of the art will double or triple in just a short period of time by Sara buying them for these clients. Sara Vestin Rahmani will see to your need for luxury goods import to China.

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On the clip below you is Sara talking about her passion for art.  is an art expert and will see to your art and luxury goods needs.