Bespoke Bureau referral scheme

Due to exceptionally high demand to partner or team up with us, we have opted for individuals to apply to our referral scheme. We get approached daily from people across the globe that are interested in running a business similar to ours. Most of you do not have the funds or means available to invest in a Franchise option with us.

Bespoke Bureau referral scheme vs Bespoke Bureau Franchise

As with everything in life, there are pros and cons to consider. The cost of an exclusive or non exclusive Franchise option with us costs money. It requires you to have a business plan, a set up business, an office and the correct infrastructure to cope with the work flow. Our company is high end with 5% of the world’s net wealth, worth a lot of money and generates a lot of sales. We are trade marked and all our material is copyright. All the above means that without a substantial amount of money to lease our Brand and Intellectual property (IP) we cannot allow a Franchise. A referral scheme, however, is easier. You use our HQ, our name and our “savoir faire” (knowledge) to cater and deliver for your clients.

We often get asked the following:

  • I know lots of wealthy people needing domestic staff, how can I offer your services?
  • I want to be doing what we do but don’t know how to start?
  • How do you get so much press?
  • How can I offer my contact network Elite domestic staff like yours?
  • All my friends need top nannies, how can I help them?
  • Can I offer your courses to my hotel?
  • I know lots of hotels and hospitality companies that need your courses. Can I sell them somehow?

We can answer all the above questions. If you are right for us, and we are right for you, we can help you make a successful business or generate a great income.

Bespoke Bureau referral scheme – no payments no cost

We can help with all the above questions, and much more. It does not cost anything. Other than your effort, time and input. You are welcome to apply if you have:

  1. The drive
  2. The attitude
  3. The mannerism
  4. The network
  5. The connections
  6. The ability to carry our Brand into your region

Bespoke Bureau Referral Recruitment scheme

Here are the recruitment services you can offer via us:

  • Elite Domestic Staff recruitment
  • British and European Top Nanny & Maternity Nurse Recruitment
  • Tutor/Governess recruitment
  • 5 Star hotel recruitment
  • Private member club recruitment

The British Butler Academy Training course scheme

Sell spaces to our UK residential or short courses in:

  • Butler training
  • Private service training
  • British etiquette training
  • Yacht interior training
  • Housekeeper training
  • Laundry and wardrobe management training
  • Nanny training
  • Maternity nurse training
  • First Aid training
  • Tailor made course as per the client’s wish

Sell courses to Hotels and other 5 star Corporate settings:

  • 5 star Butler department opening/training
  • Butler training for hotels
  • Elite service training for restaurants
  • Housekeeper training hotels
  • Valet training hotels
  • Concierge training hotels


from Following extreme success and demand for our Trade Marked and Copyright Bespoke Bureau and British Butler Academy (BB), Sara Vestin Rahmani decided to offer the rest of the globe an opportunity to bid for the privilege to enjoy the same success that we have experienced over recent years. As the world leading Butler and Service Training Academy our Franchise management and Butler master trainers have over 200 year’s experience in the field. We are well equipped to pass on our unique experience and skill set to our franchisee partners across the globe.

Why Franchise with us?

This is a once in a lifetime chance of a franchise opportunity for companies wanting to adopt our recipe for success to lease the rights to exclusive or non exclusive rights to operate under our famous brand.

Available locations for representatives:

  • China
  • Dubai
  • Middle East
  • USA
  • India
  • Far East
  • Australasia
  • Scandinavia 

Our Ethos at the Bespoke Bureau referral scheme

It is our aim at The Bespoke Bureau & British Butler Academy to support our representatives to become successful in their regions. We want you to make make. If you do then that means that we do too. A win win situation. We are able to spread our concept faster and wider with your help. Our company stands for 6 star Private Service & Hotel Training as well as the highest VIP Recruitment integrity across the globe. It is a pleasure for us to share our celebrated brand and unique concept that we love and are very proud of with representatives of high integrity.

To apply to the Bespoke Bureau referral scheme please contact the management on 

Thank you!

Sara Vestin Rahmani - Founder

Sara Vestin Rahmani – Founder

Kind Regards,

Sara Vestin Rahmani & Team

Bespoke Bureau & The British Butler Academy 

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