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Butler Training courses

Butler Training courses

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World Leaders in Butler Training

We offer the world’s leading Butler training courses. We have a simple formula. A winning one. We use the best butler tutors in the world with over 200 years experience. They have experience from various VIP jobs. They are qualified better than anyone else to pass on their skills to you.  Students travel from across the globe to train with us. We operate in London but also globally.

We run the following Butler Training Courses:

  1. Residential Butler Courses
  2. Short intense Butler Courses
  3. Corporate Courses at your Hotel or other high end service venue
  4. Individual Courses (one on one)
  5. Video Training
  6. Online Training

What levels do we teach?

This intensive course is aimed at those with no prior experience, students who wish to cover all the topics in detail, or are changing from hospitality to private service.

We are proud to say that we:

  • Operate globally and are a successful Franchise
  • Take on less than 20% clients that contact us
  • The only official Butler Academy in Europe
  • Are an accredited and recognized learning centre
  • Are the only service academy endorsed by the British Butler Association
  • Only employ teachers with 20+ years in the industry. They become master trained as teachers with us
  • Feature weekly in global high cred press
  • Have cult status in the world of luxury service

    Be the best in service.

    Be the best in service.

Our Butler Training Courses are now selling fast. They run several times a year. If you are looking to find Butler Training Courses in the UK or elsewhere then look no further. We are based in a British manor house.


All our students will receive an attendance certificate. We an the only official Butler school with accreditation in Europe. Our certificates are recognised globally. We will write references to the students that have done particularly well. Our recruitment agency can potentially place you in an intern-ship role or employment if you have done well.

Who can book Butler Training Courses with us?

Anyone over the age of 18 can apply and we consider applicants:

People with a service mind.
Entry level people with the right motivation
People willing to work hard.
People with money to pay for the course.
People with employers that want them to study.
People looking for great paid jobs.
Those of you wishing to excel within the field.

We accept applications all year around but not everyone will be suitable. Contact the office on info@bespokebureau.com for more information or visit our course calendar page to book.

Butler Training Course Modules:

  • Service Etiquette
  • Hygiene standards
  • Personal presentation
  • Communication skills
  • Body language and eye contact
  • Posture and dress code
  • Etiquette & Service language excellence
  • Service training
  • Silver service training
  • Table Management
  • Housekeeping protocol
  • Service Professionalism
  • VIP guests & clients
  • Be the best you can be
  • Taking pride in giving service
  • Cultural Differences
  • Expect the unexpected
  • Proactivity vs reactivity
  • Final Touches
  • First Impression lasts

Butler Residential Course outline:

If we have available space, you are welcome to book individual days without completing the full 2 weeks.

Week 1

Week 2

1 – Check in/ Optional British Etiquette & Accent
2 – Private Service Professional Level 1
3 – Housekeeping skills Module 1 & 2
4 – Housekeeping Areas HK
5 – Valeting & Wardrobe Management
6 – Service 1 Table Management/Tea and Coffee
7 – Service 2 Silver Service & Practical Afternoon

Day 8- Service Module 3 Alcoholic Beverages
Day 9- IT, Technology & Pets/Food Hygiene
Day 10- Super Yachts & Event Planning
Day 11- Field Trip
Day 12- VIP Interior & Finishing Touches
Day 13- Awards ceremony
Day 14 – Check out

Butler Training – the Butler’s role:

British Butler Academy Student

British Butler Academy Student

It is the butler’s responsibility to understand the guests needs. You will be in charge of making sure they are kept happy at all times. This can be a tall order and requires utmost confidence, patience, training and excellence. You will need to be able to trouble shoot and problem solve. You will need to think one step ahead. Butler Training United Kingdom is known to educate the world’s Elite butlers.

Butler Training  – Who can book?

Our butler training is available for those wanting to enter the service industry. It is also available for those already working in the private service industry. This is your chance to gain a 5 star service attitude and skill set. We teach traditional butlering with a modern twist. We make sure students are top trained at the time of the graduation. It is our aim at the academy for you to have a good time whilst learning. Our teachers are top trained and with at least 20 years experience. We will teach team work excellence and provide an excellent service for the world’s discerning clientele.

Lucy Oliver

Dear George, I just wanted to say thank you again for everything you have taught me over the past two days. I feel a lot more confident in my ability and I hope my new boss is impressed by your fantastic towel anchors! I have attached a little photo memory for you so you don't forget me! How did the party go on Saturday? I am sure it was a great success. Thanks again. Kindest Regards, Lucy

Burton Jackson

I am a private house manager (qualified with the British Butler Academy in 2010) in Mayfair and I hire all my staff from the agency and it is always an easy and straight forward mission with Bespoke. I highly recommend them as a professional and serious agency. Also, they have a 12 month back up guarantee and no other agency offers such a long placement guarantee. Brilliant

May Digma

This course really helped me to understand the role of butler. It helped me regain the skills of serving a table in the proper way. I really enjoyed the training and hearing all the work experience of the instructor.

Edson Rosa

I am very happy and the course was to my satisfaction. It was intense but complete. After this experience, I feel I have greater career prospects.

Adam Dillon

I trained with the butler academy over 2 weeks and despite having spent years in the industry, I felt that did course really gave me a new direction. It was brilliant fun and I made some friends for life.

Fabrice Hequet

Very complete course. Robin's (the Butler trainer's) experience gave us an insight to the real world of Elite service. I am very pleased. Thank you very much.

Yenni Chong

My friend took a butler course with another company and hated it so it is true what they say about the British Butler Academy; that they are the best. I got the job I wanted but never dreamed of getting. The Bespoke Bureau (the sister company of the Academy) placed me in the job I am in. When they asked us to write Butler school reviews, I jumped at the chance."

Piriyasinee C.

The 2 weeks Butler and house management course has opened me to the whole new World of opportunities and great professional knowledge. The Butler course was indeed very interesting. The teachers were profession and knowledgable. People I met in the course are amazing. I have learned a lot and found the knowledge would help me to be better in my career. It was such a life changing experience. Thank you very much Sara and her team, Monica, Lucy and Martina for having me in your academy! 🙂

Nana Opoku

Head PA Ghana's President

Thank you so much Sara for the amazing training over the weekend. Simon, the teacher was amazing really worth every moment. Yes really have plans for future training and want your teacher to fly out and train the whole team here. We look forward to it! Best Wishes - Nana

Our Butler Training is developed for you to be:

  • Connected.
  • Committed.
  • Great with one-on-one service or team service.
  • Run from the top down.
  • Systematic.
  • Consistent.
  • Able to get enjoyment out of service.

What certificate will I gain at the Butler Training?

All our students will receive an attendance certificate and gain accreditation if they wish. Our certificates are recognised globally. We will write references to the students that have done particularly well.

Will you find me work after I train with you?

We are also a recruitment agency and this means that we will find you work after you train with us if you do a good job.

Cost Butler training

The cost is: 4000 pounds plus VAT. That is inclusive of the training, materials, transfer, full accommodation and board, tuition, practical elements, field trip, role play training and much more.

Can I pay in instalments? 

Yes you can. We offer flexible ways for our students to pay. We understand that 4000 pounds is a lot of money for many people. You can pay a deposit at the time of booking. We will expect the remaining amount about 1 month before the training course starts. This gives you time to save and budget for your training course with us.

Will my employer pay for my training you think?

The Palace where we hold our residential Butler Training

The Palace where we hold our residential Butler Training

Many employers actually fund the training course for their stuff. Because our statistics prove that people that train with us do a better job, some employers are actually happy to fund training for their staff. They know that it is a good return on investment when they see that their staff work harder and smarter after the training. It is therefore worth asking your boss if he or she may want to invest in our training for you. This is of course a very generous offer if they do end up paying but you know that you will give back in the way of working harder and better for them.

How often do you run butler courses?

We run our private service training courses all year around. The courses get booked up fast. This is because they are popular and many people wish to train with us. When you speak to a member of the team or email us we will give you the available dates. The dates of our training courses are listed in our course calendar.

Private butler training– is it possible?

It is possible to have private tuition with our school. We offer individual training in the United Kingdom and oversees all year around. If you are able to afford this type of training then it is of course very beneficial. It means that you will have a one on one training with an elite person who can help you reach your goals fast. Because this training can be tailored to your individual needs it is very suitable for those wanting to excel in a specific area of private service or elite service.

Cost of the private tuition?

The private tuition that we offer typically cost around 1000 pounds per day. Sometimes a little bit more and sometimes less. We try and give you our best available rate when you book with us. Contact us to see what trainers we have available, what dates and if we can accommodate you. We normally are able to help most people that come to us for private training at the British Butler Academy.

Butler Training in action at The British Butler Academy

Butler Training in action at The British Butler Academy

How to book a Butler Training Course with us:

Contact us by email (or phone if you prefer):


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