Intense house manager course with The British Butler Academy

Intense house manager course

First of all, contact us to book your intense house manager course today: +442032900142 or email

Application and availability

Needless to say, we accept applications all year around. Also, anyone can apply. Impressively, we offer private training where the teacher comes to your home or workplace.

So, how is the training conducted?

Uniquely, the training is hands on, practical and theoretical. Also, you will be assessed daily. Finally, you will get a glossy certificate.

Intense housemanager courses
Intense housemanager courses

Length and cost

Interestingly, you can book the training from 3 days up to 2 weeks. Moreover, we decide the number of days based on your previous experience and your current training needs.

Impressively, the pricing starts at 400GBP plus VAT per day and we offer fair payment terms.

Certification and accreditation

Uniquely, you get instantly certified and accredited by training with us. Impressively, we are endorsed by The British Butler Association.

Intense housemanager courses
Intense housemanager courses

Can you find me a job?


First of all, we are a London based butler recruitment agency. Secondly, we place good students in jobs when we can. Moreover, we have clients all over the world looking for butlers from us. Of course, our jobs are based all over the world.

We travel globally and on short notice

Impressively, our teachers travel across the globe to deliver courses to various establishments and also to people looking to polish their staff or up their game.

house manager training course in action
house manager training course in action

Finally, contact us:

Needless to say, our courses get booked up early so please be sure to contact us soon if you are serious.

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