Butler placement agency

Butler placement agency

Bespoke Bureau is a well known and popular Butler placement agency.

Butler placement agency

Butler placement agency’s HQ in London

Established in 2000, Bespoke Bureau has built up a unique network of VIP clients. We have the largest pool of household candidates and you will never see our positions advertised. We rely solely on word of mouth recommendations.

5 star global butler placement service

The Bespoke Bureau places quality Butler candidates all over the world. We have butlers for 5 star hotel, private households and members clubs. Most our butlers get places in the UK, The Middle East, Europe and the far East. China is where we are developing a lot of business right now.

Butler placement agency – recruitment of the elite

We are constantly recruiting experienced, professional and enthusiastic butlers. They get placed in positions with VIPs and VIP estates. Often in high paid roles. We also place graduate butlers from our famous British Butler Academy.

Butler placement agencyHow we stand out at the Butler placement agency:

  • Unrivalled 12 month placement guarantee.  We want to make sure that you are satisfied with the staff we place with you. Otherwise you can swap them for up to 1 year. No other agency in the world offers this.
  • Price Match Agency Fee guarantee. Find a lower rate with the same benefits and we will match it.
  • We don’t advertise. All our candidates come to us recommended.
  • Professional and friendly advice – Our recruitment and domestic staff training advice is free and without obligation. We treat every enquiry with absolute discretion. As many of you lead busy lives, we are happy to come to you to chat during evenings or weekends.
  •  A Bespoke service- Just like our name suggests, we are a Bespoke Bureau. We will listen to your staff needs and tailor make a butler service that suits you and find your exact match. We save your valuable time by only introducing closely-matched domestic staff candidates.
  • Free butler training. If you recruit staff via us, you get a free training course as part of the package.
  • Quick and Efficient – Thanks to our large database of registered and vetted domestic staff, we are able to send you details of suitable household staff candidates straight away. No long waits. .
  • Checked candidates
  • The Best Butler placement agency on the market.
  • Support – We provide employment contract templates for the butlers.
  • Terms of business and registration – Straightforward and understandable.

    Butler placement agency

    Butler placement agency with class

Butler placement agency support

Our service does not end with a successful placement. We monitor client and candidate satisfaction throughout your work with the client. Many of our domestic staff and trained Butlers have been associated only with us at the Bespoke Bureau for their whole career and we keep in close touch with everyone who allows us.

Contact us to:

Give us a ring on +442032900142. You can also email us on info@bespokebureau.com to discuss options.

Kind Regards, The British Butler Academy & Bespoke Bureau

Blackwell House | Guildhall Yard
Bank | London | EC2V 5AE, UK
Phone: +44 (0) 2032900142

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Butler holiday service company

Butler holiday

butler for holiday

Find a butler for holiday with us today

If you are looking to find a Butler for holiday, come to us. You may be trying to locate a Butler holiday for your boss or for your family. We have butlers for holiday work across the globe. Our large selection of top butlers will come with you on a short or long trip.

Specialist Butler company

Our famous London recruitment agency for Butlers will help you. We locate qualified and experienced Butlers. They work for you permanently or temporary.

Our Butlers are:

  • interviewed.
  • vetted.
  • reference checked.

We will find you the best butler available. We place the world’s best butlers in:

  1. households.
  2. hotels.
  3. palaces.
  4. private members clubs.

Why us?

Our agency’s Butlers have a good reputation. They are often trained and qualified at our famous Butler school. We are known as the best domestic staff placement agency in the world. We are popular amongst:

  • VIP families.
  • 5 Star Hotels.
  • Busy households.
  • Celebrities.

We also cater for anyone else looking to recruit a top Butler. Our Butler holiday  service became very popular a number of years ago. Now we place butler for holidays across the globe all year around.

butler for holidayButler holiday – how does it work?

You contact us to tell us your requirements. If you are not sure of what you need, we will help guide you.  You may only need one Butler or you may wish to hire a number of domestic staff. No job is too small or too big for us. You can rest assured that we will be able to help you and your family

Booking terms:

Call or email the Butler Service. We will calculate a rate for you. Then we will arrange the best butlers you have ever met. Our butlers get booked up quickly so please be fast.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Welcome!

Butler for holidayKind Regards, Bespoke Bureau

Blackwell House | Guildhall Yard
Bank | London | EC2V 5AE, UK

Phone: +44 (0) 2032900142

Watch us on our internet channel:

Bespoke Vimeo

How to use a Butler Stick

How to use a Butler Stick


The Butler Stick has long been used in the Royal Palaces and the great estates of wealthy around the world. The Butler Stick is one of the secret tools of the highly trained professional that allows them to accurately set the table. Remember accuracy helps define the mediocre from the truly professional Butler. So how does one use a Butler Stick correctly? Below are a few simple tips to guide you through the process.

How to use a Butler Stick – The 24” Rule

This is one of the first rules you will be applying when preparing to set a formal table. The 24” rule refers to the ideal amount of space required from the centre of one plate to the centre of the other plate, which will allow the guest plenty of elbowroom. The picture below illustrates my point. Remember this distance of 24” is considered the ideal spacing. Often you may need to decrease the distance because the table is not large enough.

For two adjacent place settings, 24” between the centre of one plate to the centre of the other plate NOTE: In metric the conversion of 24 inches is approximately 60 centimetres.

Calibrating The Individual Place Setting With A Butler Stick


There are a few guidelines when it comes to preparing an individual place setting. These guidelines will make the overall process of table setting both accurate and easy. These guidelines for calculating individual place settings apply to all western style place settings, that is North American, European, formal or informal.

Step 1: The base line for the place setting should always be +/- 1” from the edge of the table. The width of the Butler Stick is the ideal tool for this measurement. Align the Butler Stick at the edge of the table.
Step 2: The top of the Butler Stick becomes the base line for the place setting. Base line created by the top of stick
Step 3: The measurement between the charger and the first knife will determine the spacing between all of the elements of the place setting.
Step 4: Using the measurement between the charger and the first knife, apply this exact measurement to all of the points on this diagram. Each red dot represents the exact same amount of space as calculated in Step 3.


Symmetry Of The Individual Place Setting

A place setting that is pleasing to the eye incorporates one of the basic principles of design and that is symmetry. When all the elements are arranged symmetrically with careful placement and exact spacing it creates balance and proportion. Anyone who sees a beautifully appointed and well-executed place setting instinctively knows that standards of a professional Butler have been applied.

Horizontal Symmetry Vertical Symmetry



Symmetry of the Formal Table

The symmetry of the entire table is as important as the symmetry of the individual place setting. Again, the attention to detail sets the difference between a professional Butler and an amateur.


To set a formal table correctly you must take your time to ensure all the place settings are properly spaced. This is a project that cannot be rushed because symmetry requires mathematical calculation (see 24 Rule) and the aid of two handy tools. This process, of course is for the most formal of occasions and not suggested for everyday table settings.


The two handy tools that you will need to be successful in achieving symmetry, particularly on large dining tables are a Butler Stick and a long piece of string. The Butler Stick will enable you to take measurements so the spacing of all elements on the table will be exact. The piece of string that is secured at both ends of the table is an ideal way to create a level base line for your place settings.


When you think of the scale of very large dining tables with 12, 25 or even 75 guests per side, the string and the Butler Stick are very handy tools to setting a symmetrical table. Once the table is set do a visual inspection of the whole table from one end to another to adjust any imperfections.


To train with us to become a Butler on our Butler school please call +442032900142 or email mailto:info@bespokebureau.com