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Butler Company London – Your Life Tailor Made

Butler Company London

Butler Company London

Butler Company London

If you are looking for a butler company London, look no further. Call us on +442032900142 or

Needless to say, our butler company has butlers available for all sorts of jobs and events all year around. Moreover, we offer the markets largest selection of top butlers. Impressively, we even have short term butlers who will come with you on a short or long trip.

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Welcome to the Butler Company UK

The London Butler Company brains, Sara Vestin Rahmani

The London Butler Company brains, Sara Vestin Rahmani

Needless to say, at the heart our business is a passion for service. Moreover,  it’s what we do and what we believe in. Delivering great service is our starting point for everything, and we apply this ethos across our specialist areas of expertise. Impressively, we focus on recruiting high-calibre service staff; hiring out butlers, chefs and teams for VIP events; and bespoke parties.

Interestingly, we recruit permanent, temporary and seasonal staff for private households and family offices. Of course, at all levels from top estate managers to butlers, housekeepers, chefs and nannies. Moreover, we have nurses and executive assistants and other staff available.

Obviously, we hire out experienced butlers, private chefs and other catering staff for a wide variety of events, from private parties to world-class sporting events, to serve a high-profile, VIP clientele. Interestingly, our bespoke party planning division creates and executes beautiful and unforgettable private and corporate events, from initial concepts through to the day itself.

We have been a discreet and trusted source of the best service staff for almost 20 years (since 2003). Of course, based in London, our services are offered internationally as well as in the UK.

Our famous London recruitment Butler Company UK will help you with your butler hire new year. We locate qualified and experienced Butlers. They work for you permanently or temporary.

Impressively, all of Bespoke Bureau’s butlers combine a confident yet discreet service with the highest quality of work.Of course, as an established household staff agency, we are able to place top calibre experienced butlers with you. Needless to say, we offer a fully bespoke service to ensure we match the best staff with you when it comes to hiring your next butler.For clarification, the requirements, skills and duties associated with the role of the Butler are outlined below.

  • First of all, the precise duties of the employee will vary to some extent in line with the title given, but more importantly in line with the requirements of the individual employer. His tasks can include arranging dinner parties, looking after your yacht, making travel arrangements, maintaining the household budget, looking after visitors, doing the laundry, getting the kids off to school, tending the garden and directing other workers in the household.
  • Secondly, Butlers can act as a head waiter, chef or valet and take care of your wardrobe for you. Interestingly, head butlers will take on the jobs of driving and planning functions. Furthermore, he or she may being responsible for the rest of the household staff whilst a junior butler may only assist with service at meal times.
  • Of course, all of the butlers on our books are mature and experienced with excellent organisation skills and meticulous presentation.
  • Needless to say, a butler will work hard to manage your household staff. He or she will also liaise with all relevant personnel to ensure that everything is running smoothly at all times.

Continued facts about Butlers…

  • Often, butlers will take on the responsible role of leadership and get involved with the hiring and dismissal of other staff along with supervising them and keeping employee records up to date.
  • Also, as with any excellent manager, your butler will astutely know what skills are needed for all the household roles. Moreover, he or she will know where to hire someone that fits each other domestic job perfectly.
  • Butlers can also deal with temporary staff, contractors and suppliers and keep all your household accounts in good order. Needless to say, they usually run the household themselves or report to your household manager if you have one.
  • Ranging from keeping the bar and wine cellar well stocked to booking all your theatre tickets, hotels and flights. Being knowledgeable about wines and spirits and oversees the wine cellar and liqueur inventory.
  • Liaison with other staff as needed, i.e., aircraft personnel, chauffeurs, yacht personnel, and employees from other households within the family, and corporate office staff.
  • Needless to say, the butler can take care of your every need and they will carry out all their work with the upmost levels of professionalism.

Butler Company London – key attributes of a great butler:

Obviously, a Butler should be loyal, discrete and respectful of clients’ privacy, be extremely patient, welcoming and approachable. Moreover, he should have high attention to detail and a high level of skill and experience in managing a team and lead by example. Furthermore, he needs to always stay calm under pressure and be able to prioritise and delegate under pressure.

Importantly, a Butler has to be proactive, flexible and adaptable with lots of common sense, he has to possess great communication skills and manners. A Butler must be confident to be able to diagnose/fix simple problems if they arise, this includes being computer literate. Silver service/waiting skills and experience are a must.

Butler Salary Guide

Starting salaries are GBP 700 net per week and upwards to GBP 1.000 or more net pw in accordance with qualifications/experience and previous salaries acquired. Room & board to be provided by family.

Salaries are based upon a 5 or 5,5 day workweek, 8/12 hours daily.

Our Butlers are:

  • interviewed.
  • vetted.
  • reference checked.

We will find you the best butler available. We place the world’s best butlers in:

  1. households.
  2. hotels.
  3. palaces.
  4. private members clubs.
The Butler Company London

The Butler Company London

Key Points:

Our Butler company London is the market leader. They are often trained and qualified at our famous Butler school. We are known as the best of the best and all our business is channeled by personal recommendations. Our clients consist of:

  • VIP families.
  • 5 Star Hotels.
  • Busy households.
  • Celebrities.

Also, read about our butler training and our boss, Sara Vestin Rahmani

Butler recruitment services

Butler recruitment services

Who we are:

Needless to say, The Bespoke Bureau is known to offer the most exclusive Butler recruitment services in the world. Of course, based in London, our dedicated butler recruitment consultants will do all the hard work for you. Moreover, your individual home and lifestyle requirements will be in our capable hands.

How does it work?

First of all, give us a ring to tell us about your staffing needs or ask us for advice and we will see that you get the help you need. Secondly, we will be able to send you a selection of top candidates quickly. As a result, you can have your vacancy filled in next to no time if you wish to. However, the typical recruitment time estimate is between seven in 14 days from the time you contact us.

Butler recruitment

Butler recruitment

Why our Agency?

Impressively, we have been around for over a decade. Moreover, we are leaders in private and service recruitment. Also, we are able to fill  our vacancies efficiently. Of course, as our name suggests, Bespoke, our recruitment services are tailor-made. Furthermore, we pride ourselves in having all our business is channelled via recommendations. Similarly, we do not advertise. Instead, it is your satisfaction that brings you and your friends back to us year after year. Finally, your happiness is the key to our success.

Who uses our Butler Company London?

Impressively, we have a wonderful client base consisting of: high net worth individuals, royals, five star hotels, super yachts and any other luxury setting. Noteworthy is that vast majority of our clients have been with us for a number of years. Also, some of our clients hire their entire fleet of staff with us and clients hire one member of staff from us. Either way, it is our job to make your life easier, therefore we will see that you get stuff that you need. Finally, no job is too big or small for the Bespoke Bureau.

Butler recruitment

Butler recruitment

Recruitment firm highlights

  • Uniquely, we offer an unrivalled 12 month placement guarantee because we want to make sure that you are satisfied with the staff we place with you. Otherwise you can swap them for up to 1 year. No other agency in the world offers this.
  • Secondly, we don’t advertise.  As a result, all our candidates come to us recommended.
  • Obviously, we offer professional and friendly advice and we treat every enquiry with absolute discretion.
  • Moreover, we are quick and Efficient.
  • Importantly, all our candidates are checked candidates and have at least 3 years’ relevant household experience but often much much more. They have been interviewed by us and, wherever possible, we have spoken directly to their recent employers to verify, amongst other things, their skills, honesty and attitude to work.
  • Support – We provide employment contract templates for domestic staff free of charge as well as offering you free advice.
Bespoke Bureau - At Your Service

Bespoke Bureau – At Your Service

Bespoke Bureau Butler Company London – how does it work?

You contact us to tell us your requirements. If you are not sure of what you need, we will help guide you.  You may only need one Butler or you may wish to hire a number of domestic staff. No job is too small or too big for us. You can rest assured that we will be able to help you and your family

Booking terms:

Call or email the Butler Company London. We will calculate a rate for you. Then we will arrange the best butlers you have ever met. Our butlers get booked up quickly so please be fast.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Welcome! 

Last but not least, we think you should contact the Butler company London today:

Sara Vestin Rahmani and The Butler Company London Sara Vestin Rahmani, teacher and friend

Contact us on +442032900142 or today with your name and number for a quote.

Thank you!

Sara Vestin Rahmani – Founder

Bespoke Bureau & The British Butler Academy

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Also, read about our butler training and our boss, Sara Vestin Rahmani

Butler Company for placements across the globe

Butler Company That Offers The Best of The Best

Are you looking for a top Butler company?

Butler company

Butler company – Sara Vestin Rahmani and her team recruits them

Look no further. Here at Bespoke Bureau’s Butler company we have over 1000 experienced and qualified top Butlers. Each Butler has undergone a rigorous selection process. This is to ensure we only provide our clients with a trusted Butler.

Butler company for the busy family

We understand how important it is that you can trust the butler company you work. We will source the best candidates on the market. We work on the basis that anyone we accept as a butler on our books would be someone we would consider hiring ourselves.

  • We will hand pick our favourite candidates for you.
  • You will be sent their CV, references, picture.
  • We will work with you or your PA.
  • We will arrange for you to meet the butler in your home, via skype, phone or at your work.
  • We can arrange a second interview.
  • We can arrange a trial.
  • We can arrange the travel and all the contracts.
  • We can help you assist to help you make an official offer through our Estate Manager for Saudi agency.

Background checks with the Butler company:

  • CRB checks on your request.
  • We will provide you with previous references.
  • We meet the candidates when able to.
  • Most butlers also train with us on our training academy.

Why we are considered the best butler company

  • All our butlers are recommended to us and never come to us via advertising.
  • Affordable Butler company Agency fees.
  • We offer an unrivalled 12 month placement guarantee. This gives you 12 month to make your mind up.
  • We will only source butlers with the best capabilities.
  • Our Butlers will care for your home with utmost care.
  • When you use our services, you can rest assured that the butler will take a genuine interest in your home and needs.
  • Our Butler company has been voted the best private service in the world.
  • Our Butler company has won awards.
  • All candidates have a lot of experience that will suit the role with you.
  • The Butlers we suggest to you, will have worked for similar households before.
  • We guarantee that recruitment service for butlers will only send you the best people on the market.
  • You can rest in the knowledge that your home will thrive when you hire a butler with us.

Contact us to book or for more info

Give us a ring on +442032900142. You can also email us on to discuss options. Our website is:

Butler company

Butler company -We have the best candidates on the market

Kind regards, Sara Vestin Rahmani and Team

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