Sara Vestin Rahmani success continues Far East

Sara Vestin Rahmani success continues in the Far East

Updated 2020-07-15 Sara Vestin Rahmani success continues in the Far East

Sara Vestin Rahmani success contuinues in the Far East

Sara Vestin Rahmani success continues in the Far East

Hong Kong—August 17th 2014 – Interestingly, Sara Vestin Rahmani and her Bespoke Bureau Ltd today announced the opening of their new Far East branch to meet growing customer demand for its high end luxury services. Moreover, the boutique recruitment and training company is the first of its kind in Hong Kong and is part of the company’s plan to strengthen their relations and expand their services in Asia and around the world. Obviously, and as you can see, Sara Vestin Rahmani success continues in the Far East.

Bespoke Bureau Luxury Services Hong Kong – statement founder:

Sara Vestin Rahmani success contuinues in the Far East

Sara Vestin Rahmani success continues in the Far East

“We are proud to be branching out in the Far East. We look forward to the opportunities and fun that lie ahead of us and the result they will bring. Of course. our expansion into Hong Kong gives us a stronger Asian market presence. Needless to say, we are also adding a close proximity and access to our growing customer base in region,” said Sara Vestin Rahmani, Founder of Bespoke Bureau Ltd and its group companies. “Well, for over a decade we have been servicing discerning clients in Hong Kong and the far east. Needless to say, now is the right time to penetrate deeper into this exciting and service hungry market. Finally, this new branch gives our fast-growing corporate and private clientele a local hub to facilitate.”

Sara Vestin Rahmani success – The company

Obviously, the Bespoke Bureau are world leaders in Luxury recruitment and training of the private sector and 5 star corporate world. Impressively, we place & train Elite Staff for VIP households, Hotels, Super Yachts and Cabin Crew.

Sara’s group companies:

Of course, over the years we have built up long-standing relationships with private clients that consist of HNW individuals, celebrities and Royals in need of domestic staff for their homes and yachts. As a result, we have achieved a solid strong position in the market.

Moreover, The prestigious British Butler Academy has won recognition internationally. Needless to say, our Academy is the most sought-after Butler academy in the world and features globally in media and TV.

Bespoke Bureau

Bespoke Bureau is the world leader in luxury service

Uniquely and due to extreme demand from the emerging markets and other countries we are impressively operating as a franchise. In fact, we offer other companies the chance to ride on our wave of success with our safe proof and unique lease model across the world.

Famous Elite nanny and maternity nurse placement service for parents in the UK and abroad. Impressively, we have a database with 6000+ nannies, mothers helps, maternity nurses & au pairs available. Needless to say, your satisfaction brings you and your friends back to us, year after year.

Impressive accredited Private Childcare training for private child carers, parents and corporate establishments such as hotels. Also, we provide Maternity Nurse Training, Professional Nanny Course, Paediatric First aid Course and Core skills training for Ofsted

 Your Life Tailor Made.

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