Professional nanny training

Professional nanny training courses

Professional nanny training In brief, book your discounted Professional nanny training courses today on: +442032900142 or

Professional nanny training courses

Needless to say, we are the UK’s leading nanny agency. Also, we now operate under the same brand as Bespoke Bureau. Impressively, we are the only nanny agency offering Professional nanny training courses. Noteworthy is also that our training courses provide qualifications for nannies and maternity nurses.

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  • Are you very experienced but have no formal nanny training?
  • Are you looking for a high paid nanny role?
  • Do you want to refresh or update your childcare skills?
  • Do you want to join the voluntary Ofsted register?

This is YOUR chance to shine.

Nanny training London City - Become the best you can be

Nanny training London City – Become the best you can be

Of course, those wanting to become Qualified nannies or boost their CVs should train with us. Needless to say, students will become more professional and earn higher wages as well as impress their employers. Also, those  with little childcare experience will learn quickly with our easy methods of teaching.

Moreover, the training is a sure way to getting on to the nanny career ladder and you can land yourself your dream job. Moreover, the nanny childcare qualification certificate will look amazing in your CV or your portfolio.

Why book one of our amazing courses:

  • We are a recognise learning centre.
  • These are accredited.
  • Central London locations or we come to you.
  • We do individual courses.
  • We can come to you if you prefer.
  • The country’s best trainers are the ones we use.
  • Our testimonials are all very positive.

    Professional nanny training courses

    Professional nanny training courses

Development of curriculum

Impressively, the curriculum is developed by devoted childcare educators. Moreover, our tutors specialise in early childhood education and child development. The intensive practical 1 day training runs over a weekend day usually. You will receive a Professional nanny training courses certificate after completion.

Professional nanny training courses – what will I learn?

Our professional nanny training courses focus on a variety of important child care topics. We teach everything from child health & safety to communication with child and parents. Moreover, we also offer advice on developing age suitable activities etc. Student will learn child care essentials for:

  • older infants.
  • toddlers.
  • preschoolers.
  • school aged children.

    Nanny training London City UK

    Nanny training London City UK

Some ore modules on the training courses:

  1. First of al, we teach nutrition.
  2. Secondly, handling tantrums.
  3. Thirdly, professionalism.
  4. Moreover, developing routines.
  5. Also, we teach you healthy habits promotion.
  6. For sure, there are elements of positive reinforcement.
  7. Noteworthy is the common core skills for Ofsted.
  8. Furthermore, handling emergencies.

    Train to be the best with our childcare courses London

    Train to be the best with our childcare courses London

Who can train?

Noteworthy is that the training is for both experienced and inexperienced child-carers.

Methods and curriculum

Needless to say, all classes are held in English. Also, noteworthy is that the class is a non-medical child care class. Moreover, this course is appropriate for those with at least some childcare experience. Furthermore, it is also suitable for those currently working as a nanny and those who would like to work as a nanny. Noteworthy is that this class goes beyond basic babysitter safety training. Also, it is appropriate for professional development but it is not a parenting class.

Nanny training London City UK

Nanny training London City UK

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Calling all professional nannies and parents wanting to gain or refresh Maternity and Baby Skills. Noteworthy is that this is a very much sought after training so book early not to miss out.

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