Private butler training will land you a top paid job

7th August 2014
The Guardian

Private butler training will land you a top paid job

Private butler training

Private butler training

The Guardian consults Sara Vestin Rahmani and learns about the lucrative job possibilities Private Butler training can offer.

Private butler training – salaries of offer after:

Typical salary: £60,000 to £90,000 in the UK. At least £80,000 overseas. “An entry level butler we’ve trained will walk into a salary of £35,000. A very experienced private butler can earn up to £150,000,” says Sara Vestin, director of the British Butler Academy.

Private butler training – what will I learn?

The job: A private butler can be called on by his or her employer to do anything from wardrobe management to chauffeuring to pet care.  We teach traditional butlering with a modern twist. Typical duties we teach include:

  • managing other staff
  • serving at every meal
  • running errands
  • looking after guests
  • booking restaurants
  • house security
  • housekeeping
  • cooking
  • anything else the household needs.

Private Butler Training – Bespoke touches

As our name suggests (Bespoke which means tailor-made), our clients have individual wishes. They need to be catered for to suit your needs. Therefore, we train butlers that are flexible and understand key elements of the job such as:

  • flexibility
  • cultural differences
  • being proactive vs reactive
  • importance of personal hygiene
  • body language
  • discretion
  • understanding the employers needs
  • tailoring to the wishes of the household

Most of all, it’s personal service, tailored to the very wealthy individual the butler works for.

Private butler training entry level requirements:

Qualifications: You don’t need any specific qualifications to do a private butler training course at Vestin’s British Butler Academy. “Recruitment consultants and VIP clients come to our mansion to scout out the good students,” she says.

How to succeed after the private butler training

To succeed as a butler, you need … A “service mind”, says Vestin. This is the mindset of someone who genuinely thrives on looking after others. “You cannot do the job without this, even if you were an amazing actor. Some people have it and some don’t.” You also, she says, need to have an eye for detail, a steady hand and the ability to deal with all sorts of people.

The downside to Private Butler work

Worst thing about the job: Long hours and an unpredictable work schedule means it’s difficult to have a family life. Butlers also suffer from isolation, cultural differences with their employer and “having to work for people who aren’t always nice”, says Vestin.


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