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Live in jobs – luxury living

Sara Vestin Rahmani - Live in jobs - Luxury Living

Sara Vestin Rahmani – Live in jobs – Luxury Living

“Things have certainly changed since I was working as an au pair,” says the Swedish-born Sara Vestin Rahmani, founder of Bespoke Bureau. A London-based agency that recruits some of the world’s most highly trained domestic staff. Their clients include Middle Eastern royalty, Russian oligarchs and a smattering of celebrities. “Interestingly, it is the British clientele, who historically have lived in country houses, who need, shall we say, re-educating,” she says. “Life is not like Upstairs Downstairs any more.”

Bonuses in private live in jobs – luxury living

In conclusion, families with multiple staff are expected to provide them with their own premises on the grounds, and often not merely a flat above the garage, but a separate cottage, Vestin Rahmani says. Homes should be of a decorative standard up there with the family’s own house. Private live in staff should have all the high-tech gadgets they need to do their job effectively. Hence seeing the staff using the same gadgets to run their own personal lives. They should also be allowed to travel with the family in the private jet and not be shoved into cattle class.

A pad to enjoy working in

A pad to enjoy working in

As posh as it sounds?

“It sounds incredibly luxurious,” Vestin Rahmani says. She contuinues with “but don’t forget that when you are a live-in, you are compromising your own freedom to a great extent, and are on someone’s else’s clock. Staff do a hard and professional job. They often work between several international households at the same time. This, as a result of the agency clients’ fleet of homes across the glove”

With about 10,000 of the world’s ultra-high-net-worth individuals — people with assets of $30m or more — based in Britain, it is evident that the clamour for an impeccably qualified Jeeves (or two), and nannies who could make Mary Poppins seem negligent, is deafening. Furthermore, it is a very lucrative business for companies like Bespoke Bureau.

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