Demand Butler recruitment agencies

Demand Butler recruitment agencies

The International Business Times
31st October 2012

Bespoke gets a visit from the international business times at the British Butler Academy. The TV report speak of the bright future for butlers and the increase in business for butler recruitment agencies

Just how big is the demand for Butler recruitment agencies?

Despite the global economic crisis, butler recruitment agencies in London have reported growing demand for British staff across the world. We recruit for the oligarchs of Russia to the sheikhs of the Middle East. The most renowned of all the Butler recruitment agencies, Bespoke Bureau alone has supplied 345 butlers this year, double the 2011 amount.

Sara Vestin Rahmani, director of Bespoke Bureau, said: “We have a huge demand of butlers and in our our market there’s no such thing as a recession. It’s happening to other people but not our market so we’re very fortunate in that respect. The rich people, our clients, are not getting poorer, they are getting richer.”

Old money aristocracy are not so much hiring butlers any more. However, across the world the number of domestic staff from the UK and it’s butler recruitment agencies is rising. Bespoke Bureau reported that last year 80 percent of butlers it supplied went to work overseas.

The Demand for butler recruitment agencies in Britain