Interior Yacht Crew School

Interior Yacht crew school

24th June 2013
The Guardian

Reporter Amelia Gentleman and photographer Sarah Lee comes with Sara Vestin Rahmani to Antibes. We spend a few days together quality controlling the interior yacht crew school as well as  scouting for yacht crew talent to place in jobs on super yachts.

Sara Vestin Rahmani

Sara Vestin Rahmani quality controlling student

The story of the Interior Yacht crew school

Sara Vestin Rahmani, founder of London-based Interior Yacht crew school,The British Butler Academy and Bespoke Bureau, a high-end domestic staff recruitment agency, has this year launched this school. It is located (from May 2014) in Central London on a super yacht. The interior Yacht crew school was founded by Sara because she identified a demand from her clients for well-trained staff capable of working on board superyachts. Her domestic staff  placement agency has thrived and expanded throughout the economic downturn, and she is also running butlering courses London, for the European market, The middle east and China, for her clients there. “We’re lucky in the sense that the rich get richer in a recession,” she says.

On board Latitude, a vessel occasionally chartered by musicians such as Rihanna, trainees are being instructed in the art of humility and occasional invisibility that should make them attractive to superyacht owners.

Many of the skills the students learn here could be transferred to work in a domestic setting, Vestin Rahmani says, and over the weekend visit, she is also scouting for butler talent for her London business. She is seeing a rising demand for butlers, she says, and her experience chimes with recent research indicating that there are more servants in Mayfair now than there were 200 years ago, with entourages stretching to maids, part-time chefs, part-time drivers and personal assistants.

The job specifications on recruitment sites like Vestin Rahmani’s, and similar businesses give an insight into the lives of prospective employers, who hope their staff will have everything from “a high level of technological knowledge and ability to deal with complex electronic control systems for household security systems”, to experience in maintaining media rooms and orangeries.

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