Housekeeper wanted for palace-Sky news reports

25th Jan 2014

Sky News

Full story on housekeeper wanted for palace 

Housekeeper wanted for palace-Sky News reports

The British Butler Academy and The Bespoke Bureau get a visit from The London Sky news team to discuss an advert on the Royal Households website. Housekeeper wanted for palace is what the advert states.

Our owner, Sara Vestin Rahmani is as always happy to discuss the importance of perfection, meticulousness and precision for the jobs we have such as housekeeper wanted for palace and palaces

Report on Housekeeper wanted for palace below:

“Buckingham Palace is looking to appoint a housekeeping assistant who will be busy looking after guests of the Royal Family, according to the job description.

The advertisement, which appears on the Royal Household website, says the new recruit’s duties will include personal maiding and valeting for guests, including taking care of the dry-cleaning, arranging tea and breakfast trays and looking after the Queen’s jewellery.

The 40 hours-per-week job will also include running baths for guests and cleaning “internal glass”, although its unclear whether that includes the palace’s 760 windows.

The ad goes on to say that the Royal Household employee will be rubbing shoulders with members of the Royal Family and so must have an ability to “maintain confidentiality”.

Job description: Housekeeper wanted for Palace

The job description for the housekeeping assistant:

The successful applicant for the £14,400-a-year post will be “meticulous, with a close attention to detail” and be “committed to achieving exceptional standards of service provision”, the ad says.

Although based at Buckingham Palace in London, the person who is taken on will also be required to work at other royal residences for up to three months each year.

Video on Sky News report with us-Housekeeper wanted for palace and below