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Hire Butler Agency – Story with the Evening Standard

31st May 2013
Evening Standard

Hire Butler Agency

Hire Butler Agency

The evening standard recommends Bespoke Bureau’s “hire butler for the day” offer in their feature on the top 10 ways to outsource your life. The article speaks about the convenience of having a butler for the day. It also speaks about other luxury services you can find in London. An upbeat and fun article which again put us in the limelight as the best Hire Butler agency in the UK.

How to hire a butler for the day?

Give us a ring on +44(203) 167 0925 email us at info@bespokebureau.com and tell us about your butler needs or ask us for advice. We will see that you get the help you need. We will be able to send you a selection of top candidates quickly.  We have a pool of top people avaialble all year around. This means that you can have your vacancy filled in next to no time if you wish to. However, the typical recruitment time estimate is between seven in 14 days from the time you contact us.

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Hire Butler for an easier life

Hire Butler for an easier life

Why hire butler with our Agency?

  • We don’t advertise. All our candidates come to us recommended.
  • Professional and friendly advice – Our recruitment and domestic staff training advice is free and without obligation. We treat every enquiry with absolute discretion. As many of you lead busy lives, we are happy to come to you to chat during evenings or weekends.
  •  A Bespoke service –  Just like our name suggests, we are a Bespoke Bureau.
  • We will listen to your staff needs and tailor make a domestic staff service that suits you and find your exact match. We save your valuable time by only introducing closely-matched domestic staff candidates.
  • Free training. If you recruit staff via us, you get a free training course as part of the package.
  • Quick and Efficient – Thanks to our large database of registered and vetted domestic staff, we are able to send you details of suitable household staff candidates straight away. No long waits. .
  • Checked candidates – All our domestic staff candidates have at least 3 years’ relevant household experience but often much much more. They have been interviewed by us and, wherever possible, we have spoken directly to their recent employers to verify, amongst other things, their skills, honesty and attitude to work.
  • The Best Domestic Staff on the market.
  • Support – We provide employment contract templates for domestic staff free of charge as well as offering you free advice.
  • Terms of business and registration – Straightforward and understandable. We are here to make your life easy not more difficult. Furthermore, we can be flexible with our terms to suit your needs

Article: Hire a butler for the day