Yacht Crew Course

Serving billionaires after taking the the Yacht course

26th June 2013
Hindustani Times

Sara Vestin Rahmani, founder of London-based Bespoke Bureau, a high-end domestic staff recruitment agency, has this year launched a yacht crew course.  She identified a demand from her clients for well-trained staff capable of working on board superyachts. A super yacht is the term for a large yacht, more than 50m, or 164ft long, usually on sale for anything between £30m and £60m).  From May 2014 the courses will run onboard a super yacht based in London.

Her domestic staff and yacht crew placement agency has thrived and expanded throughout the economic downturn. Sara Vestin Rahmani is also running butlercourses via her British Butler Academy Franchise across the globe . “We’re lucky in the sense that the rich get richer in a recession,” she says.

The Yacht crew courses run in London all year around

The Yacht crew courses run in London all year around

Visiting the Yacht Crew Course

On board Latitude, a vessel occasionally chartered by musicians such as Rihanna, trainees are being instructed in the art of humility and occasional invisibility that should make them attractive to superyacht owners.

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