High Earning Butlers

The Times
14th December 2013

High Earning Butlers

The times speak to Sara Vestin Rahmani about her high earning butlers, the British Butler Academy and how the times have changed for butlers.

“It is sometimes said that butlers only truly exist in England,” Kazuo Ishiguro once wrote. An Englishman’s capacity for emotional restraint means that “when you think of a great butler, he is bound, almost by definition, to be an Englishman”, Ishiguro’s character Stevens added, in The Remains of the Day. From Beijing to Rio de Janeiro this seems, increasingly, to be the case. The global elite are hiring British butlers as status symbols to head households — from Mayfair mansions to superyachts moored in the Mediterranean.

High Earning Butlers

Why high earning butlers are paid the amounts they are

The article continues with Sara Vestin Rahmani discussing why high earning butlers are worth every penny they are being paid according to the boss of The British Butler Academy. The Academy trains high earning butlers in their London HQ that then go on to other markets or stay in the UK working in top jobs. The British Butler Academy also offers internship programs for people wanting to gain more experience after the training.

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