Demand British Butler

Demand British Butler-But the times have changed and so has the role of the Butler

28th November 2012

At your service-Bespoke Butler Agency

Demand British Butler-Bespoke Butler Agency

Metro London reports on Bespoke Bureau and Sara Vestin Rahmani-Demand British Butler and the people that are hiring domestic staff today

No longer are Butlers living on next to no food and are happy with a roof over their heads. The demand of the British Butler is growing fast. The old earls and lords are often not able to afford a British Butler. However, rich clients from the emerging markets and rich economies are loving the old British trained Butlers. These clients will also pay high salaries for their trustee Butlers and House Managers for mansions.

The demand British butlers has more than doubled in the last two years.

So who are these wealthy VIPs that demand British butlers? ‘We have been inundated with requests from high net-worth individuals in China, Russia and the Middle East who want to hire British butlers,’ said Sara Vestin Rahmani, of Butler training academy and recruitment agency Bespoke Bureau. It certainly seems there is a huge demand of British Butlers

‘Perhaps it’s the case that people see Downton Abbey or other period dramas and decide they want a piece of that lifestyle at home.’

Real British butlers are presumably spared Downton’s daily doses of disaster but they are under pressure from their wealthy bosses, who often expect them to oversee other domestic staff at several of their homes.

‘It can be a very demanding job but the right person will manage to keep a smile on their face and to maintain an air of old-fashioned British Butler dignity,’ Ms Vestin Rahmani said.

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