Comeback British Butler

Comeback British Butler

12th December 2011Bloomberg

Louise Beale from Bloomberg, London visits the Butler Academy and speaks to Sara Vestin Rahmani. The report is about the rise of  the butlers in the emerging markets and how much money the old traditional British butlers are able to earn today. British Butlers willing to work in China, Russia and other countries will get high paid butler jobs. The comeback British Butler is so sought after that he or she is often earning huge amounts in the regions of £100k+

The comeback British Butler

Why tis the comeback British Butler so popular? The demand is growing for professionally-trained English butlers from super-rich clients in Russia, China and the Middle East. The rich are getting richer and are looking for a tradition and old style glamour. A far cry from the service offered in their home countries and this is why they pay top bucks. He/she is sought after, traditional but with a modern touch. Always there but never in the way. The comeback British Butler is an asset to any family able to afford one.

How to find a comeback British Butler?

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