Butlers middle east

Butlers middle east-the rising demand

21st May 2013

From Jeeves to Jiang: The changing face of butlers Middle East

Daisy Carrrington from CNN writes about the rising demand of butlers middle east. Daisy, the reporter turns to Sara Vestin Rahmani, the director of Bespoke Bureau for expert advice on the Butler middle east situation. They discuss market trends of butler service and Sara gives Daisy the low down on the butler industry as well as statistics of the growing market trends of Butler recruitment for hotels and VIP households.

Butlers Middle East and nannies middle east

According to Sara Vestin Rahmani, director of butler agency Bespoke Bureau, and Peek-a-Boo, a sister placement firm for nannies, the demand doesn’t stop at Butlers Middle East. Some VIP middle eastern and European families hire Chinese staff and nannies to give their children a head start. “People think, ‘OK, a lot of stuff happening in the world in the future will be in China. ” These people want their kids to be ahead of the game, so they hire Mandarin-speaking nannies from us.” she says. We are not just seeing a demand of Butlers Middle East as you can hear but also a demand of Chinese nannies and service staff for the rest of the world.

Butlers middle east