Butlers USA

May 2014

GQ Magazine

Full story on Butlers USA  by David Katz

Butlers USA

Read about our Butler training school in this fun article in GQ USA May 2014. We were visited by the lovely David Katz who was eager to explore the world of the butler training. Butlers USA are becoming more and more on trend and David was early to spot this phenomenon.

Snippets of the story

Butlers USA

Steve the trainer

“We’ve convened in a conference room at the London headquarters of Bespoke Bureau, the elite staffing agency that runs the school. Compared with the royal grandeur just outside—a medieval stone courtyard where the lord mayor’s coronation carriage is on display—the office space itself is more Dunder Mifflin bland, perhaps a first taste of the upstairs-downstairs dynamic to come. We’re soon joined by instructor Steve Ford, 47, a sturdily built Welsh butler charged with teaching us formal table service, etiquette, and household management.”

“My fellow trainees range in age from 25 to 49 and include a stewardess on the yacht of:

  • an American cosmetics billionaire
  • a Singaporean hotel manager
  • a British-army sniper formerly stationed in Afghanistan who once worked as the concierge at a five-star hotel.All have previous experience in the high-end-service sector. Meanwhile I can’t tell you if the dinner fork goes to the left or the right of the soufflé fork. Or do you eat soufflé with a spoon?”
  • Butlers USA

    Butlers are in demand

Butlers USA – Sara Vestin Rahmani says it how it is

At the end of the week long butler class, Bespoke Bureau owner Sara Vestin Rahmini says she can tell which students are cut out for the butler’s life and who will struggle. She’s eager to place Govender, who’s got his groove back. She is less optimistic about my potential, and not just because of my shoddy spoon-and-fork skills. “You’d be okay in the discretion department, but I don’t think you have the patience,” she tells me. “You would find it irritating waiting on other people and getting bossed around.” She’ s not wrong. We spent our last few days of class learning household care in a lavish London town house. When I walked into the place—with its private elevator, servants’ quarters, and Marc Chagall hanging in the living room—my first thought wasn’t “I’d love to work for this person” but rather “I want to be this person.

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