Butler Private Banks – New Trend

Butler Service Private Banks – New Trend

30th January 2017

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Sara Vestin Rahmani on Butler Service Private Banks

Sara Vestin Rahmani on Butler Service Private Banks

Swedish Dagens Industry speaks to our Sara Vestin Rahmani to learn about Butler Service Private Banks. The report speaks about the benefit rich banking customers receive. The trend is to have Professional Butlers working for Private Banks.

Sara Vestin Rahmani – Industry Expert Butlers says:

In the article, Sara Vestin Rahmani speaks about the new trend. Here is a snippet out of the article:

‘Gone are the days when high street banks offered all their current account customers a personalised service complete with a dedicated local bank manager. Nowadays, it’s a struggle to find the telephone number of a local branch, never mind speak to the same member of staff more than once. The new trend is to offer Butler service for Private Banks and their customers. The service is available for super high earners who have complex banking needs.’

Butler Service Private Banks – who is it for?

The bank customers who can receive Butler Service Private Banks are UHNW individuals. For example, some banks requires its customers to have at least £1million of investable assets just to be offered an account.

Butler Service Private Banks -why?

Sara says: ‘ Some clever banks have recognised there is the potential to develop profitable relationships with their more affluent customers, and the improved level of service is often worth paying for.’