Butler companies on the rise

16th July 2014
BBC World Service Radio 

Butler Companies on the rise

Often in the press and enjoying it, is Sara Vestin Rahmani. Sara visits the BBC World Service early in the morning upon an invitation from the editor. In the studio of the show BBC world update she talks about the current Butler boom. Sara’s butler companies Bespoke Bureau and it’s famous British Butler Academy are a hit in the luxury world of discerning clients. The rich are getting richer. The Bespoke Bureau are here to cater.

The article continues with Sara Vestin Rahmani discussing why high earning butlers are worth every penny they are being paid according to the boss of The British Butler Academy. The Academy trains high earning butlers in their London HQ that then go on to other markets or stay in the UK working in top jobs. The British Butler Academy also offers internship programs for people wanting to gain more experience after the training.

Butler Companies Demand

Blame Downton Abbey perhaps, but British butlers have found themselves increasingly in demand among emerging economies such as China and Russia. But what is it like to serve the super-rich – and what makes a good butler? Andrew, Head Trainer of the British Butler Academy has been a butler for almost half a century, and Sara Vestin Rahmani is director of Bespoke Bureau, the British Butler Academy.  

British Butler Companies operate where?

Sara says that the market for her butler companies is booming. We are opening more academies across the globe. We operate in China, The Middle East and all across Europe. We are also getting more business in the USA. The American’s are still the richest.

British Butlers vs the rest

“It is sometimes said that butlers only truly exist in England,” Kazuo Ishiguro once wrote. An Englishman’s capacity for emotional restraint means that “when you think of a great butler, he is bound, almost by definition, to be an Englishman”, Ishiguro’s character Stevens added, in The Remains of the Day. From Beijing to Rio de Janeiro this seems, increasingly, to be the case. The global elite are hiring British butlers as status symbols to head households — from Mayfair mansions to superyachts moored in the Mediterranean.

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Sara Vestin Rahmani owns the Butler companies

Sara Vestin Rahmani owns the Butler companies

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