British Trained Butlers – BBC Capital

By Pádraig Belton BBC Capital
20 January 2016

British Trained Butlers – BBC Capital

Usually associated with a long-gone era, butlers are among Britain’s hottest commodities: British Trained Butlers often get to work abroad and the best easily earn $150,000 or more. In this article featured on BBC Capital in January of 2016, Sara Vestin Rahmani shares with the readers how the market for her graduate Butlers is booming.

British Trained Butlers

British Trained Butlers

“Employers are a mixture of royals, sheikhs and oil proprietors” – Sara Vestin Rahmani

British Trained Butlers to work for the EliteRoughly 30% of the people hiring British butlers are in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, says Swedish-born Sara Vestin Rahmani, who runs the British Butler Academy. Our British trained Butlers go overseas to work for our clients. We place most of the students we train at the academy. Having a placement agency run alongside the academy, works very well indeed.

Training on offer at The British Butler Academy

  • Butler Training
  • Service Training
  • Silver Service Training
  • Elite Customer Service Training
  • Butler department set up
  • Mystery Shopping

Company Clients:

Employers are a mixture of royals, sheikhs and oil proprietors, with an average of at least three houses – and 15 staff per home, Rahmani says. She explains how the company clients are referred to her by word of mouth. The company has never advertised their services or courses. Nor will they ever do so. They get new requests every hour and opt to work with less than 10% of their queries. Their demand from the rich and the famous puts them well ahead of their competitors.

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