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British Butlers Dubai-hire a multi tasking house manager for a private household in the Middle East

12 September 2013
Daily Mail

British-trained household staff, including butlers, are in huge demand among the super-rich living abroad – particularly among those living in Dubai. So great is the demand for British etiquette, that although they may be living downstairs, British butlers’ salaries abroad are going up, fast.

One recent graduate from London’s Bespoke Bureau British Butler and Housekeeper Academy has landed a job in the United Arab Emirates. He was placed in Dubai by the Bespoke Bureau Butler recruitment firm. ‘I went in at entry level at £35,000 plus all expenses paid. I now earn £70,000 but I work very hard’

‘I travel bi-weekly and I am expected to be on call 24/7, caring for my principal’s personal things like clothes, travel bookings, reservations and shopping. I also have to make sure he’s always looking good and that he stays hydrated in the heat.’

His butler salary is tax free, with bonuses, and the holidays are long. His mode of transport is private jet and his apartment is impeccable.

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The bespoke bureau are an elite placement company that places private British Butlers in Dubai

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