House management course UK

House management course UK

House management course UK

House management course UK theory lesson

Are you for a House management course UK ? We run a solid House management course. We are based in central London. People from all over the world travel to us to train. We also travel to all corners of the globe to teach you individually. The House management course is part of the courses we run at The British Butler Academy.

House management course UK – We are the best

Training course for  house managers and butlers can be hard to find. To find a House management course UK  of top quality you may have been looking for a while. Our school is trusted and known to be the best. The Training course we offer will propel your career. If you are unemployed, you will be almost safe to find a good job after.

How does the House Management Course UK work?

  • Let us teach you the amazing skills, tricks and tools of the trade.
  • It all happens in a real life environment.
  • You will enjoy yourself and make friends for life.
  • We keep the groups very small with a maximum of 8-15 people.
  • The training course is held in beautiful stately homes.

    House management course UK

    House management course graduates

House management course for VIP households

If you have household staff that need training, we can help. We train fully staffed households. This is done via our on-site training programme. We have a large selection of trainers. They are of a high standard. They can come to you anywhere in the world. To your house. To your hotel. To your yacht or private club.

Jobs after the House management course UK

  • After you have completed your training course you will be qualified.
  • If you want, we can place you if you have been good.
  • Jobs in the domestic staff fields are available.
  • Jobs on a yacht with a good salary we also have.

Cost of the House Management Course UK

House management course UK

Students having fun

It is in our interest to keep the prices down for you and your friends. This was you afford it. You will also often recommend us to others. This way we can train more good people.

We charge like this: £300 for 1 day and cheaper the more days you book. The 2 week training is £3000. All prices + VAT

How to book a House management course UK

These courses can be very expensive. However, we keep out prices down for you. We believe in this profession. We want to promote the private service industry. Call or email us to enquire about a House management course UK dates. We can send you the agency’s best available dates and prices as well as location details.

For more information on the House management course UK  please contact: +442032900142 or

You can find more information on our websites or contact the team:

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