London Best Concierge Service

London Best Concierge Service

Harassed executives all have professional Personal Assistants to organize their lives and schedule. We’ve all heard the cliché of the busy company director getting his P.A. to buy his wife’s birthday, anniversary and Christmas presents.

London Best Concierge Service takes the place of that competent secretary, with her little black book of contacts – for those of us that can afford it that is.

London Best Concierge Service

London Best Concierge Service-Let us make your life easier

Why choose London Best Concierge Service over a PA?

Overworked P.A’s too can find these services useful. Why? It’s a simple financial equation. Hourly rate of pay multiplied by time taken to complete a task, such as picking up a prescription for the boss – compared to paying someone else to do it whose hourly fee is less.

For busy professionals who value their free time these new services can be well worth it. If you only have one free day in a week do you really want to spend a major part of it grocery shopping, doing the laundry or any of the other 1001 jobs that are required to keep on top of things?

The concierge departments in major hotels are regarded by most as the Mr Fixits of the hotel world. These people know everyone, have access to special deals, know the top restaurants’ Head Waiters personally ( and so can get around the ‘fully booked’ issue) and more. Bespoke Bureau, London Best Concierge Service is the same but more so.

London Best Concierge Service -what people require from us

London Best Concierge Service

London Best Concierge Service-Need a driver? We will fix it

Part concierge, part gal Friday and part savvy social director, these services claim to be able to juggle everything from obtaining hard-to-get dinner and theatre reservations to renting a villa in St. Tropez, arranging for a personal Pilates session in your hotel suite and having your dog walked.

Tales of seemingly impossible requests for guests achieved in an improbable amount of time abound and the top concierge services that are now available to both individuals and corporations have similar stories to tell – from sourcing bullet-proof cars to arranging for shops to open out of hours – money is the only issue and, lets face it, for wealthy professionals money is not necessarily an issue at all.

London Best Concierge Service – save money with Bespoke Bureau

Most of the lifestyle clubs require an annual fee combined with one-off fees depending on the various requests. There’s no doubt that the more often one uses the service the better value it becomes. We offer fllexible payment terms, ad hoc or annual fees. You decide

Joining London Best Concierge Service can be an economical alternative to (or adjunct to) having a salaried ‘Girl Friday’.

More info about Bespoke Bureau’s London Best Concierge Service and how we can work for you and make your life easier, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Recruitment company domestic staff

Recruitment company domestic staff

We are a well known Recruitment company domestic staff. Based in central London, our consultants are trained professionals. They will assist you around the clock. We guide you until we have found you an ideal match. Until a placement has been confirmed, you don’t pay a placement fee.

Sara Vestin Rahmani HQ London

Sara Vestin Rahmani HQ London

Recruitment company domestic staff – more than an agency

Apart from being the leading Recruitment company domestic staff, we are a famed academy. Our Butler training Academy offers elite domestic staff training. You can train at our  office, homes or we can come to you. Our Butler training is award winning and we have trained some of the TOP Butlers in the world. For more info, please contact the team on: +442032900142

Recruitment company domestic staffRecruitment company domestic staff – Our Candidates

Our domestic staff’s work history and suitability are checked. We promise to only send details on candidates that have the necessary experience. We check their capabilities and character. Our candidates are invited to interview with our consultants. We advise them to get CRB checks if they have not already got one. We will only send you candidates we know and trust. We have a large database that allows us to select only those candidates most suitable. CVs will not be put forward unless our consultants are confident that they are the best.

Recruitment company domestic staff– Exclusive home visit service

If you would prefer a more personal and discreet consultation then let us know. You may wish to discuss your full staffing requirement in person. If so, one of our consultants would be happy to visit your home to make a complete assessment of your situation. This service is only offered to VIP clients and at an extra cost. Overseas visits are also possible by special arrangement.

Recruitment company domestic staff – After care service

We offer a 12 month placement guarantee. Nobody else does this. This service is part of our commitment to you. We also check in on you and offer training if needed. You can call us for temporary household staff also any time of the year. Bespoke’s consultants are here to advise you on any aspect of the recruitment procedure. We can provide you with information on Tax and National Insurance issues, contracts, security and interview procedures.

Domestic Staff Agency – Service Guarantee

Our aim is to build a committed relationship with our clients. This brings you back to us year after year. This also means that you will recommend your friends to us. It is also our wish that the placement via us results in a lasting relationship between you and the employee.

Who is available?

All our domestic staff on our domestic agency’s database understand the importance of hard work and discretion, and are 100% committed to delivering an outstanding household work service on a daily basis.

As a leading household staff agency, we will work alongside you to ensure that all your needs are met. We can provide an array of domestic staff to suit your household, including:

  • House Managers or Estate Managers
  • Butlers for private homes or hotels
  • Housekeepers, Head Housekeepers or Junior Housekeepers
  • Gardeners and Handymen
  • Nannies, tutors, au-pairs and Mother’s Helps
  • Personal Assistants
  • Valets
  • Chauffeurs and Private Drivers
  • Private Chefs and Cooks
  • Laundry Maids and ladies maids
  • And more domestic staff
Sara Vestin Rahmani

Our proud owner – Sara Vestin Rahmani

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Sara Vestin Rahmani
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British Butler training

British Butler training.

British Butler training

Our British Butler training is fun

We are an award winning school. Known as the world leading British Butler training institute we offer affordable training. We proudly give our clients the most exclusive British Butler training there is. Our school operates in London but also in most other countries. We run courses all year around for beginners and advanced learners. Our teaching is in English but we also have it in other languages.

Why come to the British Butler training academy?

  • With the British Butler training diploma new doors will open.
  • You will be seen as a top butler.
  • You will be in big demand.
  • Employers will  hire you.
  • You can choose the job you want.
  • Our Butler trainers are very experienced.
  • The certificate is known world wide.
  • We have the best private service available.
  • We tailor-make your training.
  • We offer training from 1-4 days.
  • Flexibility.
  • You can come to us or we to you.

This British Butler training is taught at the very highest standards. You will make friends for life. You will learn skills that you did not expect to learn. Our courses are popular due to the high standard that we offer. You will come away as a skilled and experienced professional.

Who trains with us?

  • 5 star hotels and resorts.
  • We offer them training, consultancy and recruitment.
  • Butlers, House managers, Estate Managers.
  • Normal people who wish to become qualified Butlers.
  • Anyone in the service industry who gets accepted to the course.

Contact us for more info on the British Butler training:

Give us a ring on +442032900142 or email to discuss options. Our website is:

British butler training

British Butler training with Sara Vestin Rahmani

Thanks from Sara Vestin Rahmani & The Bespoke Bureau

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Domestic staff job descriptions

Domestic staff job descriptions

Domestic staff job descriptionsThe Butler

A Butlers’ responsibilities can encompass more than one household. If his duties include the supervision of other domestic staff in one or more households he is often referred to as a House Manager or Major Domo. In this case his remit would include hiring and organizing other household staff ( a housekeeper, cooks and maids) as well as outside contractors and personnel (gardeners, chauffeurs and maintenance). Alternatively, he may be the sole employee in a smaller household in which case he might be expected to carry out light cooking duties and act as a Valet and Personal Assistant.

Domestic staff job descriptions

Domestic staff job descriptions

Often the Butler assumes the role of a Personal or Household Secretary and, as well as keeping the family agenda, he would be expected to carry out personal shopping for his employer, handle the mail and be in charge of the household accounts. In these roles the title of House Administrator would be apt.

Domestic staff job descriptions The Valet or Butler/Valet

Valeting refers to the care of his client’s wardrobe. This can often be a job in itself and, in larger households, is carried out by the Assistant Butler or Under Butler who in turn is under the jurisdiction of the Head Butler. An Under Butler is also known as a Footman but this term is used less and less nowadays, other than in Royal palaces.

Generally a Butler would not be expected to perform the more menial domestic tasks or look after children.

Domestic staff job descriptions

Domestic staff job descriptions- we have a wide variety of staff

So, in essence, the Butler is very much a Jack of all Trades and somehow master of them all. Yet he must always be adaptable and flexible, ready to take on new responsibilities as and when his employer sees fit. He is the byword for common sense, patience and expertise. The greater his duties and responsibilities (combined with his experience) is reflected in his salary package.

With the resurgence of Butler Service being offered in hotels and spas around the world the Hotel Butler is now in high demand and this can often be an easier way for many to break into the field and gain experience. The difference being that Hotel Butlers have a high and regular turnover of clients.

Domestic staff job descriptions – The Houseman or house manager

The Houseman has more in common with the Housekeeper. The accent is on the cleanliness and day to day running of the household with less emphasis on the more formal duties of a Butler.

However care of the clients clothes i.e. valeting is often required as can be knowledge of swimming pool maintenance, general gardening duties and driving. Rudimentary cooking skills are sometimes called for.

Domestic staff job descriptions -The Estate Manager

While the supervision of ground and maintenance staff can sometimes fall under the remit of a Head Butler it is more common for an Estate Manager to be employed, often working in tandem with the Butler.

Domestic staff job descriptions

Domestic staff job descriptions – A butler is invaluable

Responsible for all aspects of the grounds of the property or properties. This could include supervising a team of gardeners and various building contractors and organising shooting parties, forestry and anything and everything to do with the property. Many Estate Managers have a degree in Estate or Farming management.

Domestic staff job descriptions -The Domestic Couple

Becoming more and more popular these days many employers prefer to employ a couple to run their homes.

The sharing of duties can vary but a common mix would be for one partner to act as Cook, Housekeeper and the day to day running of the house with the other partner acting as Gardener, Maintenance person and Driver with possibly some serving duties in the evening or when the client is entertaining.

Obviously a husband/wife team of a professional Butler and a professional Chef can expect much higher remuneration than a husband and wife team offering the basic caretaking duties.

Domestic staff job descriptions – The Housekeeper

As mentioned above the Housekeeper’s responsibilities generally run to cleaning duties but can often be combined with family cooking, some child care and running household errands and care of clothing.

Domestic staff job descriptions

Domestic staff job descriptions – we recruit 5 star hotel staff

Not to be confused with a Mothers Help, which focuses on working in tandem with the lady of the house and sharing various duties with her, the Housekeeper effectively takes on all the burdens of a household so freeing up the client to pursue their own career or other interests

Domestic staff job descriptions – The Private Chef

A private Chef will have received formal training, to various levels, whereas a Cook, no matter how proficient will not. So the title ‘chef’ actually means something to an employer. An Executive private Chef refers to someone who runs a kitchen brigade of less experience chefs and/or cooks. A Sous Chef is the assistant to the Head Chef and a head Chef in waiting.

A Private Chef can prepare daily meals for the clients and their guests on a small scale to organizing and preparing large full-scale banquets. Food sourcing and purchase would normally fall to him as could preparation of staff meals. A job in itself for larger households.

Chefs who specialize in particular forms of cooking – regional for example – are sought after but the chef with an international repertoire is the most in demand.

Domestic staff job descriptions – The Personal Assistant

A Personal Assistant or Private Secretary is responsible for the day to day running of a busy client’s life. Keeping his diary, arranging and monitoring his appointments, correspondence and more. Often travelling with the employer but sometimes office based the Personal Assistant requires more than good secretarial skills. Diplomacy and tact are essential.

Many of the job descriptions above can merge into others. Can a Butler act as a personal chef or personal secretary too? Yes they can but wiil you have enough hours in the day? Improve your computer skills, cooking skills, security knowledge and so on and improve not only your prospects of employment but also the sort of salary package you will be able to command.

More domestic staff job descriptions and available jobs with Bespoke Bureau and the British Butler Academy:

More info on:

Domestic staff job descriptions

Domestic staff job descriptions – Our office in central London



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Domestic Staff Placement Agency

Domestic Staff Placement Agency

Domestic staff placement agency

Domestic staff placement agency with style

We are known for our professionalism. We are based in London and have other offices around the world. We place domestic staff everywhere. No job is too big or too small for us at the Domestic staff placement agency.

Why us?

Domestic staff placement agency

We’ll make your life easier

We provide top staff. They are hard working, discreet and flexible. Over the years we have built a strong relationship with our clients. We also know and trust our candidates. Our good reputation has has led to client loyalty. Their business enables us to provide a better service with their needs in mind. We provide household staff services to suit our clients’ private staff requirements.

Our available domestic staff are the best.

We only hire experienced domestic staff. They can deliver high standards. Our Domestic Staff Placement Agency have a hard recruitment process. We check employment history and references or provide these to you. We meet the candidates that we are able to meet. They go through an interview process. This is to make sure they have a good attitude and personality to work in the domestic staff service.

All our domestic staff understand the importance of hard work and discretion. They are 100% committed to offer an outstanding household work service.

Who can you hire with our Domestic Staff Placement Agency?

As a leading Domestic Staff Placement Agency we will work with you. This is to ensure that all your needs are met. We can provide you with:

  • House Managers or Estate Managers.
  • 5 star hotel staff.
  • Butlers.
  • Housekeepers.
  • Head Housekeepers.
  • Gardeners and Handymen.
  • Nannies.
  • Tutors.
  • Personal Assistants.
  • Valets.
  • Chauffeurs and Private Drivers.
  • Private Chefs and Cooks.
  • Laundry Maids.
  • Ladies maids.
  • And more domestic staff.

    Domestic staff placement agency

    We have a wide range of household staff on offer

More info on the Domestic Staff Placement Agency

Please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you. Phone:+442032900142 or email

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