Butler Training Mustique Island

Butler Training Mustique Island

For 10 exciting days in October, The Head Butler of the British Butler Academy went to the tropics and delivered a formal butler training that the Island will never forget. Here are some pictures and bits from the fun in the sun.

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The Butlers are all smiles during the training

The Butlers are all smiles during the training

Butler Training Mustique Island focused on:

  • Team work
  • Personal presentation
  • Communication skills including conversation and listening
  • Body language and eye contact
  • Posture and dress code
  • Etiquette & Service language excellence
  • Unrivaled guest care

Butler Training Mustique Island – The Butler leads

Our amazing head trainer Andrew has a life time’s experience in personal service excellence.  Nobody is better equipped than him to teach other butlers to excel. That is why we sent him on this fine mission to the tropics. Andrew taught the butler students about the butler’s responsibility to understand the guests needs. To be in charge of making sure they are kept happy at all times. This can be a tall order and requires utmost confidence, patience, training and excellence. The Butler Training Mustique Island with Andrew delivered an outstanding advanced course that made the team the world’s Elite butlers.

Butler Training Mustique Island taught the team to be:

Theory during the butler training

  • connected
  • committed
  • Great with one-on-one service or team service.
  • Run from the top down.
  • Systematic.
  • Consistent.
  • Able to get enjoyment out of service.

Butler Training Mustique Island – A tough crowd to please

The residents and guests on the Island are the world’s most discerning, there is no disputing that. T hey therefor require the best of the best in Service. The butler team at Mustique Island are rated the best on the world. Naturally this would be the case. They are already exceptional. Their management did however want them to become even better. Their expectations of us were high if not near unobtainable. We took the challenge on to create and deliver the best of the best of courses. The picture to the right is showing a theory advanced lesson during on the the training days.

Andrew our Butler Trainer and Frits in charge at Mustique

Andrew our Butler Trainer and Frits in charge at Mustique

Butler Training Mustique Island -Emotionally intelligent butlers are on call 24/7

Graduation party at the Butler Training at Mustique Island

Graduation party at the Butler Training at Mustique Island

We cannot stress the importance of Emotionally Intelligent and Spirited Staff. To get a perfect service team you need staff with training, understanding and common sense. All service staff must have emotional intelligence. This means intuitive people sense, empathy, and genuineness. We helped the butler team on the Island to gain the confidence and understanding of this.

Butler Training Mustique Island – Various elements of the training we did

We ran the course with theory, competitive and practical elements. We did role play and group work. The students got assessed as they went along. A few examples of what the butler students did on the training:

  • Food and Beverage excellence
  • Protocol and Etiquette
  • Concierge training
  • Hotel Butler excellence
  • Guest etiquette
  • First Impressions
  • Body Language
  • Guest Arrival
  • Garment Care and Laundry (Valeting)
  • Table service
  • Silver service

Our Butler Training Mustique Island was designed to ensure that the level of training meets the high service needs of the hotel. The program was tailored to the specific needs of your hotel or resort.

Hotel Training Butler – How to book

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Butler Training Mustique Island - Proud student with Andrew the trainer

End ceremony with happy student graduate

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Watch a video from our training here