Silver service courses London

Silver service courses London

Spaces left for this year and next. Our silver service courses London run several times a year. We are based in the Oriental club and our HQ in central London. Contact us for prices and dates: +442032900142 or

SIlver service courses London

SIlver service courses London

We offer the world’s leading silver service courses London. We have a simple formula. A winning one. We use the best butler tutors in the world. They have experience from various VIP jobs. They are experienced to pass on their skills and experience to you.  Students travel from across the globe to train with us. We operate in London but also globally.

Who can book the Silver service courses London

  • People with a service mind.
  • Anyone over the age of 18.

  • People willing to work hard.
  • People with money to pay for the course.
  • People with employers that want them to study.
  • People looking for great paid jobs.

Application – Silver service courses London

We accept applications all year around but not everyone will be suitable. Contact the office on for more information. We will try and guide you to a course that suits you.

Cost of the Silver service courses London

Butler training residential UK

The intense silver service courses London are only about £200-300 per day + VAT. You can pay it in installments. You pay extra to live with in or you can live out.

What is included in the silver service courses London?

We offer field trips as part of the course. The training is practical and theoretical. You will be assessed on the course. You will get a certificate at the end of the course.

When do you run the silver service courses London?

  • All year around.
  • We also travel to you if you prefer.
  • Individual courses offered.

Can you find me a job after the silver service courses London?

Yes. We place good students in jobs when we can. We are a London based service recruitment agency. We have clients all over the world looking for staff from us.

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Silver service course London

Silver service course London

This is an elite course at an elite location. We train staff to be the best of the best. Book our silver service course London today on: +442032900142 or

All our silver service course London runs all year around in London. This week 50% discount on all Courses silver service as we have some cancellations for the next few courses in London.  Our 1-3 day courses in central London will make you stand out.

Silver service course London

We run the silver service course London at the Oriental Club in London. THE most prestigious venue in London that dates back from the 1800’s. It is available for:

  • private service staff
  • waitresses
  • hotel staff
  • private membership club staff
  • yacht crew

Silver service course London

Silver service course London

Background silver service:

Many people really enjoy the sense of history that comes with Silver Service dining. In the right setting it can really add style to an event or function. Silver service waiting originates from the manors and fine houses of the British middle and upper classes of centuries gone by.

Referred to by the French as ‘English Service’ or ‘Service Anglais’ silver service actually describes the process of serving diners from a ‘silver’ service dish to the diners plate, rather than the more common practice of serving the plate to the diner.

What makes our silver service course London special?

  • Our trainers are the best in the UK.
  • Our head silver service trainer has 40 years in V VIP events, Banquets, Fine dining etc.
  • The silver service waiter or waitress must be well acquainted with the appropriate etiquette and technique.
  • Silver Service Training will teach your staff the techniques and etiquette to enable them to provide the best possible service to your customers.
  • A fun and developing course to make good friends.
  • We practice table management with an Elite touch.
  • Service with 6 star is what you will learn.

Curriculum on the

Background silver service course London


Learn a combination of theory and practice service in:

  • Silver service
  • Silver service excellence
  • History of silver service
  • Table management
  • Elite service
  • Finishing touches
  • Banquette training
  • VIP hygiene and professionalism
  • Elite celebrity service
Background course silver service UK

Background course silver service UK

Silver service course London – what is included:

  1. Silver service food is always served from the left, drinks and plated meals from the right.
  2. Meals are served to the diner from platters, not plated in the kitchen.
  3. The guest to the host’s right is served first. (Usually a female guest)
  4. Service continues clockwise.
  5. Plates are cleared from the right,[2] glasses from the right; again starting with the guest to the host’s right.
  6. Glasses are stacked in a diagonal to the right and away, with wine (by course) in order, and then lastly, water glass in front.

To summarize, Bespoke Bureau’s Courses in silver service  is about:

  • Motivating service staff with their new found skills
  • Consistency, continuous improvement and perfection
  • 5 star Silver service training
  • 5 star table management training
  • 5 star Food and Beverage training
  • Learn perfection in table management

Visit our video page for our course in silver service UK here

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The Elite Service training team

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Bespoke: +44 (0) 2032900142

Silver service courses Antibes

Silver service courses Antibes and London

Silver service courses Antibes

Silver service courses Antibes are available for you now

Voted as the best Silver service courses worldwide. We are here to train you to be the best. We run monthly courses in Silver service in London. We also offer courses in Antibes all year around. However, most courses are held at our HQ in London. If you can come here then it is cheaper and you will get the best trainers we have.

Silver service courses info:

Our silver service courses Antibes were founded by the respected Sara Vestin Rahmani. Since 1998, Sara has been offering her expertise in this area. Sara and her elite team are proud silver service courses that are seen as the best. We offer elite training in private service. The teaching is high quality, professional and readily available to yacht owners, employers and crew.

The Topics To Be Covered at the Silver service courses Antibes:

  • Table service including Butler and Silver Service.
  • VIP service.
  • Food and Beverage Knowledge.
  • Flower arranging.
  • Housekeeping excellence.
  • Etiquette, Manners and Protocol.
  • Personal Guest Care.
  • Packing and unpacking suitcases.
  • Laundry and clothing care.
  • Interpersonal Skills.
  • Barista training.
  • Canapé training.
  • Wine and Champagne service training

    Silver service courses Antibes

    Silver service courses can propel your career

Class Size at the Silver service courses Antibes and London

This course is limited to a maximum of 12 students. This is in order to provide effective and personalized training. We run the courses in real life settings. Make friends for life with the other students on the course.

The Silver service courses Antibes entry and advanced levels:

We offer training for new yacht crew and experienced crew. The various training courses we offer mean that we will fit you into a group you suit. Most people that do the silver service with us are already existing yacht crew.

The Cost and dates of our Silver service courses:

Starting at £200 a day plus VAT. More info on our dates and cost page

The Benefits of our Silver service courses Antibes

  • Accredited course certificate.
  • Professional world class training standard.
  • Skills you really need to become a successful yacht steward/ess.
  • An option to go into any hospitality job with top skills.
  • A reference from the director and head trainer if you do well.
  • Our courses covers all aspects of silver service and table management.
  • Training is held on our private luxury yacht or private estate.
  • We can also come to your boat, your hotel.
  • You will experience the practical and theoretical skills required in this exciting profession.
  • You will get to experience the culture and some of the 5 star luxury living/working in a real life setting.

Why do one of our Silver service courses?

Silver service courses Antibes

Silver service courses Antibes – come join the fun

Our Yacht crew training teaches catering on board. It also provides the general knowledge for VIP service. It can be a hard job but those who are good get paid alot. For young service staff it can be a real adventure. For many, it is a job that you end up doing for the rest of your professional career.

Contact us for more info:

Give us a ring on +442032900142 or email to discuss options. Our website is:

Silver service courses Antibes

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Silver service training Yacht crew

Silver service training Yacht crew

Silver service training Yacht crew

Do your silver service training Yacht crew on our 5 star London based boat

If you are not already qualified with us as Silver service training Yacht crew, book your course now. We offer training courses in Silver service. We also offer all other types of private service training. The people that train with us are yacht crew, service minded people domestic staff mainly.

Silver service training Yacht crew information

  • This highly practical course is aimed at the entry or advanced level people.
  • Domestic staff or steward/ess are welcome.
  • Perfect for those looking to enhance their skills in order to progress in the yachting industry.

The program on our Silver service training Yacht crew covers technical service skills from plated to silver service to VIP etiquette. We teach correct carrying and clearing procedures, different styles as well as sequence of service. We offer tutoring in menu knowledge, specialist dietary requirements, etiquette, protocol and personal presentation.

The course focuses on teamwork and the importance of continual liaison between the Galley and the server.

Silver service training Yacht crew syllabus:

  • Food service introduction
  • Yacht VIP etiquette
  • Health & Safety on yachts
  • Preparation for meals
  • `mise-en-placé training
  • Table management training
  • Table setting training
  • Laying the cover
  • Plated and Silver service training
  • Tray service training
  • Serving wine and champagne training
  • Serving coffee and tea training

    Silver service training Yacht crew

    Live and work in a real life setting

Facts about the Silver service training Yacht Crew

Duration: Two days
Cost: £1500 for 5 days plus VAT
Accommodation and food: Price: £100-200 per night.
5 star luxury London yacht. The price includes food, drink and training materials and certification on successful completion of the course.

Silver service training Yacht crew – Our famous 5 star luxury yacht

Work on one of these

Work on one of these

We are based at the famed St Katherine’s dock in central London. We have a 5 star luxury yacht there.  This unrivalled location allows our students to experience London in a unique way. The location and setting is spectacular. You get to live and learn in a real life environment.

How to book the Silver service training Yacht crew course

Contact us on +442032900142. You can also fill in the form below. E-mail is available on