Find a Housekeeper/Nanny

Find a Housekeeper/Nanny

Find a Housekeeper/Nanny

Find a Housekeeper/Nanny for your family

Are you looking to find a Housekeeper/Nanny in London or elsewhere? Housekeeper/nannies in London can be hard to find but we are here to sort you out. To find a housekeeper/nanny of a top end quality you really need a good agency such as Bespoke Bureau

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Find a Housekeeper/Nanny – why us?

  • They best housekeepers in London are very sought after and can be expensive but we will make sure you get a good deal
  • We make it as easy as one two three.
  • Register with us to find a Housekeeper/Nanny and we will shortly send you the agency’s best available of 3-4 top housekeeper/nannies looking for new positions.
  • Housekeeper/Nannies in London sometimes charge more than other housekeepers but we will help you get the most of your money
  • It is in the placement agency’s interest to keep the prices of housekeepers down for you and your friends so that you can get a good deal
  • Our clients are happy 9 times out of 10 and will recommend us and our placement agency services to their friends

So how much does it cost to find a Housekeeper/Nanny?

  • A daily housekeeper/nanny in London can cost from 400 to 500 pounds per week net approximately.
  • A live in Housekeeper/nanny starts at £300 net per week
  • Sometimes a housekeeper in London costs less and sometimes more.
Find a Housekeeper/Nanny

Find a Housekeeper/Nanny with us, we have the best ones available

If you want a housekeeper/nanny with amazing cooking skills than she is likely to cost you more than a housekeeper who just does the cleaning and the laundry.

Find a Housekeeper/Nanny – who should I choose?

The placement agency places housekeepers of all ranges and for all price levels in London and also outside. If you have a large household that needs to be fully staffed then you may need more than one. We then we suggest you hire a head housekeeper for your home first and then a number of junior or standard housekeepers for your laundry, washing, cleaning, serving and so on. We have a large selection of live in housekeepers in London that can also drive, baby sit, do nanny duties and much much more. You may wish to hire a housekeeper/nanny from the Philippines or a Portuguese housekeeper. Whatever type of housekeeper/nanny you wish to find for your private home we can source

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