Service Silver training course

Service Silver training course

Find Service Silver training course before you start your new job. We offer courses to fit your season with peaks when we know you are off duty and preparing for your next season.

Held in Central London or Antibes in an easy to find venue. Email:

Are you looking to Find Service Silver training course?

Look no further. Service Silver training course options can be hard to find. We therefore suggest that you come to us. We are the only Silver Service Yacht Crew school in the UK where you can train on site, at your chosen site or onboard the yacht where you work.

Watch our Silver Service Yacht Crew on YouTube to get to know our faces and methods.

We teach:

  • Silver service excellence
  • V VIP service language
  • Service Etiquette
  • Table management
  • Butler service
  • Champagne service
  • Canapes service
  • VIP service
  • Drink excellence
  • Much much more

How to find a Service Silver training course that doesn’t cost too much:

Training Silver Service Skills

Training Silver Service Skills

These type of Silver Service Yacht Crew training often cost a lot. We try to keep our prices down so that you can excel in your job as a steward or stewardess. It is in our interest to keep the prices of down. This is so that you and your friends can get a good deal. It is also so that you can recommend us and our training course to your friends. 3 days with us only costs 1100 GBP plus VAT.

Real life Service Silver training course:

  • Live and train on board our 5 star luxury yacht in central London.
  • Small groups make the training easier.
  • Theory and practical curriculums that are easy to understand.
  • Make friends for life.
  • Become the best in the industry.

Thank you!

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