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Service training etiquette pre provider - Book your training today!

Service training etiquette pre provider – Book your training today!

Uniquely, The British Butler Academy is an award-winning Service Etiquette Training Company. We run service and etiquette training courses in all Private Service and Corporate Luxury Service settings. Moreover, we are an accredited School with an outstanding reputation. By the same token, our service etiquette training is popular with resorts and Hotels across the world.

Train with The Elite!

Train with The Elite!

Training for everyone

Needless to say, the Training in Etiquette for Hotel staff is suitable for all industries and all people. Consequently, it will be the right way forward for you. Also, by teaching your staff the right service etiquette, they will become better equipped to deal with your customers specific needs.

Best in Service with The Service Etiquette Training Company

First of all, when you team up with us, you will get to experience quality training techniques. Secondly, your company’s service culture needs all hands on deck. Thirdly and needless to say, our proven Service Etiquette Training methods can help bring your team to a whole new level. Moreover, the training we offer is suitable for all industries.

Our Etiquette Teachers

Our specialist teachers will teach your team top communication skills, polished etiquette and personal manners. As a result, the team will produce happy customers/guests and correspondingly, you will see more repeat business. A great investment, don’t you think?  With our Service Etiquette Training Company courses, we will ignite long-term positive change for your whole establishment.

Training for everyone

Uniquely, the Training in Etiquette for Hotel staff is suitable for all Hotels. Consequently, it will be the right way forward for you. By teaching your staff the right service etiquette, they will become better equipped to deal with your discerning guests. Importantly, our Service Etiquette Training Company are known to teach skills your team skills they actually appreciate!

Tailor, Train, Sustain – The most effective method

Interestingly enough, our most successful clients complete their etiquette training objectives in a 3-step process: Tailor, Train, and Sustain. Hands down, the best way to get started is to have a Trainers visit your team in-person.

Moreover, our tailored training programs offers your organization the option to choose what the content of your should be. Also, we build our training methods to best meet your unique situation. Obviously, in doing so, we get to know you, your team and your goal so that we can deliver the most effective customer service training on the market.

Butler Training Mustique

Service Etiquette Training for the Elite Butler Team on the V VIP Island and resort of Mustique

Here’s how it works:

Tailor—OnSite Training gives our clients highly customized content. Your Trainer will take a full day to shadow your operation. He or she will get to know you and highlight what areas you are good at already as well as note what areas you need to improve on.

Train—Needless to say, our training includes both theoretical and practical elements. We will assign a teacher with top industry knowledge. Your teacher will answer all of your team members’ questions throughout the training. Moreover, we use specific examples for your training objectives and also provide the material needed.

Sustain—Speaking from experience, this is where the magic happens. We’re not just engaging your team short term. We provide you with ongoing consultancy, support and material. This way, your team can continue to develop. Also, new hires can get up to speed on day one. Furthermore, the content is easy to understand.

Training Etiquette for Hotel Staff is developed to teach your team to be:

  • well-mannered
  • refined
  • connected
  • committed
  • great with one-on-one service or team service
  • systematic
  • consistent
  • able to get enjoyment out of service

As shown above, we offer a very effective training program. Also, your Trainer is going to give your team the tools they need to adapt to any situation. The benefits of etiquette service training will show the very next day already.

Up your Team’s game today – Book your training course with us!

Common sense – The most important factor

First of all, we cannot stress how important it is to have staff with common sense. Correspondingly, we will train your staff in guest understanding and manners. Needless to say, common sense is THE most important skill/gift that a service staff member can have. When we teach, we put Common Sense into Common Practice. For sure, this is the best way to deliver a great ROI to your company. Engaging and effective etiquette service training for everyone.

Booking your course with The Service Etiquette Training Company

Finally, we are available to be booked all year around in all corners of the world. Moreover, they can come to you for a short period on a long period. Finally, on that note, we think you should contact us for more information on how our Training in Etiquette for Hotel Staff works: +442032900142 or 

How to book:

Given these above points, do contact us on +442032900142 or e-mail us on today to book with The Best Service Etiquette Training Company.

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