Sara Vestin Rahmani Bespoke Bureau

Sara Vestin Rahmani Bespoke Bureau – A Benchmark Brand In Luxury 

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Sara Vestin Rahmani Bespoke Bureau

Sara Vestin Rahmani Bespoke Bureau

Sara Vestin Rahmani Bespoke Bureau – Introduction:

The Company is the brain child of our owner, Sara Vestin Rahmani. Our headquarters are based at the famous landmark – Guildhall in the heart of in central London where the city’s trade first started. We are world leaders in luxury training, recruitment and concierge services. Dubbed “The First Lady of Service”, Sara has built up excellent long-standing relationships with our clients, consisting solely of HNW individuals, Royals and selected 5 star Hotels. For over a decade, Sara and her troop of long term staff, have been delivering luxury services to this discerning clientele. These people, who make up 5% of the world’s net wealth, have come to rely on us and the services we provide. We have a reputation of being professional, reliable and discreet. We really listen to the client’s needs and get it right the first time.

Sara Vestin Rahmani Bespoke Bureau and the Key To Our Success

Sara started her first business in the late 90s by offering HNW people in her social circles a boutique nanny service. This then small but rich group came to trust Sara’s judgement for the care of their children. At the same time they got to know Sara better and saw what she was up to in her private life: Fashion, Art, Fancy travel, High end living. They now wanted the same and started asking her for more and more help. Over the years we have gone from strength to strength and are today one of the world’s most sought after luxury service businesses.

Sara Vestin Rahmani Bespoke Bureau – Care For Her Unrivalled Clientele

Sara Vestin - Founder of the Bespoke Bureau

Sara Vestin – Founder of the Bespoke Bureau

We stay in close touch with our core clientele that remains the same as it did some 15 years ago. Our genuine care for our loyal clients is the key to our success. It is the concept of who we are and what we do. Our business model is client retention and not new business. Our clients trust us with their lives. As a thank you for their loyalty, we see that all their needs are met at all times. Sara’s trade mark “10 steps to customer advocacy” is nothing short of a marketing miracle. Today, we are more of a private member’s club than anything else. Our experience has taught us to value quality over quantity. We still only take on a number of new clients each year.

Sara Vestin Rahmani and her Truly Bespoke Company

Our clients’ expectations continue to evolve. They are looking for intangible moments, such as sublime services as well as unique and rewarding experiences. At Bespoke Bureau, we are driven to continually re-imagine our service approach and provide our clients with experiences that are unparalleled in the industry. When working with ultra-high net worth individuals, it is important to remember that, for the vast majority of this audience, the service experience is identified as the defining quality of a luxury product. With this in mind, delivering a brand promise that is anchored by exceptional service experiences allows us to build that important emotional connection with our clients to enhance their overall experience. We do it well. This is why most our business is channelled via personal recommendations.

Sara Vestin Rahmani Bespoke Bureau– A Journey From Private Service To The Corporate World Of Luxury

As we began featuring more and more in daily high end and luxury media across the globe, the awareness grew. Before we knew it we were inundated with requests from luxury retailers, high end brands, 5 star hotels and resorts across the globe. They were looking to adopt our business model, experience and/or train and recruit for their premises. We figured that if our clientele loved our expertise then so would the rest of the world. We decided to start sharing our winning message and concept with other high end businesses that shared the same values and vision. This way, our message can be spread across the globe and more people can realize the success that we have enjoyed. So it began. The Bespoke Franchise and Corporate Service was born. Thank you for reading our post about Sara Vestin Rahmani Bespoke Bureau

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