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Private housekeeper training

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Private housekeeper training

Private housekeeper training

First of all, your housekeeper is an important staff member in your home, yacht, hotel or chalet.  Moreover, the very essence of your precious space relies on the right touch and approach by the housekeeper. He or she should have an eye for detail, and the finesse to make sure that the finish and feel for each room is outstanding.

How does the private housekeeper training work?

First of all, our private housekeeper training is exactly what it says on the tin, private, bespoke, and tailor-made. Obviously, you decide the days/hours/location (often in-situ when the principal is not at home) and we choose the right teacher depending on the areas of expertise that are required to be improved.

Secondly, our teacher will turn up on the agreed day to work with the individual (or group) and work through the specific aspects that require improvement. Obviously, our training is conducted with hands on practical training. Our teachers understand that English may not be the first spoken language of their students and are open to different styles and approaches to learning.

Thirdly, our in-situ training gives the Housekeeper(s) a setting space in order to ask questions that they might have felt otherwise embarrassed to ask their employer or manager. Your housekeeper’s skills will develop in a surprisingly fast pace.

private housekeeper training with the British butler academy is considered the best there is

private housekeeper training with the British butler academy is considered the best there is

Finally, the British Butler Academy is offering exclusive Housekeeper training in London at your house or hotel.

What are the benefits?

When you invest in private housekeeper training you are investing in the future of the staff in your employ.  By training your staff (instead of giving them the boot) you give them more confidence and skills. By booking  training for your housekeeper, he or she will feel that you are investing in their future and this sentiment will be reflected in their quality of work.

Needless to say, our training can breathe life into an old member of staff and give them new skills and techniques to apply to their daily work. Furthermore, our training will show to your staff that you are serious about their future with the household and that you believe they have the potential to be even better than they are already.

Ultimately, our training will provide the principal with a trained with  attention to detail and finishing touches. As a result, you can rest at night knowing that the job has been done to the very highest standard.

Whats on offer with our private housekeeper training

  • Interior excellence.
  • Finishing touches.
  • Deep cleaning.
  • Spring cleaning.
  • Laundry management.
  • Wardrobe management.
  • Perfecting ironing.
  • Keeping rotas.
  • Check lists.
  • Housekeeping excellence.
  • Housekeeping Standards.
  • Types of Cleaning & Tools.
  • Cleaning Methods.
  • Housekeeping household manual.
Housekeeper training course London UK

We train the elite housekeepers of the world

Get ahead of the game with us

Needless to say, we use only the highest standard of trainers. Of course, our teachers have worked for many years in the profession.  On the whole, our training has time and again showed what a good investment it is to train your staff. furthermore, we visit multiple clients homes, yachts, chalets and hotels all year around. As a result of the training we offer, the highest level of housekeeping is met around the world. Obviously,  if you have any questions, drop us a line today and tell us how we can help you further.

Make your housekeeper the best she or he can be

Make your housekeeper the best she or he can be

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