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Nanny agency London

Nanny agency London

Nanny agency London

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Nanny agency London – who are we?

  • The Bespoke Bureau’s well know sister agency Peekaboo Nannies is considered to be The best Nanny agency London and the UK.
  • We offer the most exclusive, personal and professional best nanny agency London service there is.
  • If you are looking for a nanny in agency or elsewhere then look no further.
  • We have the best British nannies, Swedish nannies , German nannies, Spanish nannies, French nannies and much more.
  • We place nannies and all other domestic staff in London, the countryside and the rest of the UK as well as in the south of France, Dubai and many other locations and countries.

    Nanny agency London

    Nanny agency London

Nanny agency London – why hire a nanny?

There are many reasons why families decide that they need to use the Best Nanny agency London.

  • A nanny in London can make a big difference to those with busy lifestyles.
  • A nanny will pick your children up from school.
  • A nanny in London can sometimes drive.
  • A nanny  can help your children with their home work.
  • You can work and travel more freely without worrying about being home on time.
  • A nanny can baby sit.
  • A nanny can help you keep an organised home at al times.
  • A nanny can sometimes sort your laundry and ironing out.
  • A nanny can help develop your child in a healthy way.
  • A nanny will play and learn with your children.
  • A nanny is often able to cook balanced and healthy meals.
Find your ideal nanny with us today

Find your ideal nanny with us today

Whatever the reason or circumstance which leads to looking for a nanny in London, rest assured that we will help. With the Best Nanny agency London, your dream nanny can be found today.

Nanny agency London – why us?

  • There are many nanny agencies in London and the UK but make sure you pick one with a good reputation like us.
  • This will save time and money in the long run to be prepared.
  • We do the vetting for you.
  • Our nannies all speak good English.
  • Our nannies are 18-60 years of age but usually 22-45.
  • Our nannies are fit and healthy.
  • We offer summer nannies.
  • We offer temporary nannies.
  • We offer part time nannies.
  • We offer emergency nannies.
  • We offer long term nannies.
  • We offer an unrivalled 12 month back up guarantee to our clients.
  • Affordable nanny agency rates.

Whatever your recruitments, the Nanny agency London will sort you out.

Contact the Nanny agency London today

We look forward to helping you. Please be clear about your requirements  or ask for help if not sure. We will help you get the right help for your home, estate, house or country mansion.

Nanny agency london

Nanny agency London

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