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A housekeeper is someone who does the cleaning and maintenance of the interior of a residence. The term is almost exclusively applied to females. They are a popular addition to western households that are busy and need extra help. At our housekeepers agency we offer:

  • live in housekeepers.
  • daily housekeepers.
  • part time housekeepers.
  • full time housekeeper.
  • permanent housekeepers.
  • temporary housekeepers.

The traditional housekeeper

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In the great houses of yesteryear the housekeeper could be a woman of considerable power in the domestic arena. The housekeeper of times past had her room or rooms cleaned by junior staff. Her meals prepared and laundry taken care of, and with the butler presided over dinner in the Servants’ Hall. Unlike other servants, she was addressed as Mrs. Last Name. A bit like in Downton abbey.

The modern housekeeper

Today’s head of household staff in a great house lives in much the same manner. Although now, fewer households can afford large groups of servants with an elaborate hierarchy. A housekeeper also supervises and coordinates activities of household employees in a private residence. She will inform new employees of the employer’s desires. She gives instructions in work methods and routines. She assigns and performs duties such as:

  • cooking and serving meals
  • cleaning
  • washing
  • ironing
  • adjusting work activities to accommodate family members.

She also orders food and cleaning supplies, keeps record of expenditures. She may hire and discharge employees.  

Cost of a housekeeper

Housekeepers agency

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Many housekeepers in London charge by the week and by the size of your living space. Small apartments often cost £400 a week, while a large home could cost £500-£600 a week. These prices fluctuate on the type of home as well as if there are any special problem areas that need to be cleaned. It also depends if the housekeeper is live in or out. Our housekeepers agency can help guide you to the most affordable option for you.

 The housekeepers position on the house

The housekeeper is generally hired by and reports to the lady of the house. The extent to which the housekeeper supervises other staff varies from household to household. In general, the staff of a grand house is divided into departments. Then the the housekeeper is in charge of all the female staff. Sometimes also of the kitchen staff but not always. They usually report to the cook. In other households, particularly those of the very wealthy with several residences, the housekeeper is the ultimate head of household.

Corporate housekeepers

Housekeepers agency

A great housekeeper will make any room look amazing

With our housekeepers agency, you can also hire corporate housekeepers. Housekeepers also work in hotels and resorts. Their job description differs slightly from the traditional housekeeper. A Commercial housekeeper performs housekeeping duties, such as cleaning and stocking supplies in units when assigned. Maintains a high cleanliness standard for all resort rental units and provides top level customer service for guests.

Functions of the corporate housekeeper:

Cleans guest rooms and stocks with appropriate supplies in the prescribed manner while following safety and security procedures and regulations, including but not limited to:

  1. Picks up and removes trash.
  2. Changes linen and makes beds.
  3. Cleans entire bathrooms.
  4. Sweeps and dusts each unit.
  5. Cleans the windows, balconies and porches.
  6. Stocks and restocks and stores the supplies according to current procedures.
  7. Turns in keys and unused supplies at the end of each shift.
  8. Checks with supervisor prior to clocking out at the end of each day. 
  9. May be required to clean carpets using equipment to maintain cleanliness standards of all floor coverings within the rental units and amenities.
  10. Responds to guest requests and reports guest concerns in a timely and hospitable manner to ensure guest satisfaction.
  11.  Reports any missing articles, damages or mechanical problems to the Executive Housekeeper and turns in any articles left in each unit.
  12. Coordinates with the Executive Housekeeper relating to work priorities and provides assistance when/where needed. 
Sara Vestin Rahmani - the owner of the housekeepers agency

Sara Vestin Rahmani – the owner of the housekeepers agency

Housekeepers agency – why us?

We know what to look for when hiring housekeeper. Hiring a shopkeeper is a serious responsibility. Allowing someone into your home requires a large amount of research in finding the right person for the job.

  • you need to get insurance for the housekeeper.
  • If she is self employed then she will need her own housekeeper insurance and will be on a service contract. Make sure you check this with your Housekeepers agency or housekeeper first. It is important.
  • we ask for references. Before even considering hiring a housekeeper we also suggest that you check the references yourself. Always ask for references before hiring.
  • employment screening.
  • we help with contracts. 

Housekeepers agency – our fee and promises

The Bespoke Bureau housekeepers agency is renowned as the most exclusive one in the world. Your home and lifestyle requirements will be in our safe and capable hands. All you have to do is call us or email us with your home or hotel staffing requirements and we will see that you swiftly receive the best domestic staff candidates available on the market. We pride ourselves in having all our business is channelled via referrals and we have never advertised.

  • This means that both clients and candidates can rest assured that they will be a match made in heaven. It is of utmost importance to us that you are happy with our services as your satisfaction brings you, your friends and your colleagues back to us year after year.
  • Unrivalled 12 month placement guarantee.  We want to make sure that you are satisfied with the staff we place with you. Otherwise you can swap them for up to 1 year. No other agency in the world offers this.
  • Price Match Agency Fee guarantee. Find a lower rate with the same benefits and we will match it.
  • We don’t advertise. All our candidates come to us recommended.
  • Professional and friendly advice – Our recruitment and domestic staff training advice is free and without obligation. We treat every enquiry with absolute discretion. As many of you lead busy lives, we are happy to come to you to chat during evenings or weekends.
  •  A Bespoke service- Just like our name suggests, we are a Bespoke Bureau. We will listen to your staff needs and tailor make a domestic staff service that suits you and find your exact match. We save your valuable time by only introducing closely-matched domestic staff candidates.
  • Free training. If you recruit staff via us, you get a free training course as part of the package.
  • Quick and Efficient – Thanks to our large database of registered and vetted domestic staff, we are able to send you details of suitable household staff candidates straight away. No long waits. .
  • Checked candidates – All our domestic staff candidates have at least 3 years’ relevant household experience but often much much more. They have been interviewed by us and, wherever possible, we have spoken directly to their recent employers to verify, amongst other things, their skills, honesty and attitude to work.
  • You can also opt for a graduate from our Butler academy for a lower hire staff price.
  • The Best Domestic Staff on the market.
  • Free butler graduates for intern-ship roles with you if you wish.
  • Support – We provide employment contract templates for domestic staff free of charge as well as offering you free advice.
  • Terms of business and registration – Straightforward and understandable. We are here to make your life easy not more difficult. Furthermore, we can be flexible with our terms to suit your needs.

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