Housekeeper training course London

Housekeeper training course London
for private residences and 5 Star Hotels

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Housekeeper training course London-your time to shine

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Housekeeper training course London

Housekeeper training course London

A housekeeper, sometimes known as a housekeeping manager, is responsible for organising the staff in a home or a hotel to make sure that all the rooms are kept clean, tidy and welcoming. They supervise staff in the department and encourage effective teamwork.

To become a good housekeeper, training to be a housekeeper is essential.

Why our Housekeeper training course London

Our training school will offer you all the right training for housekeepers, butlers and for house management staff.

A big part of the role is to draw up shift rotas and allocate daily cleaning duties for the room attendants. Housekeepers inspect the rooms and make sure that standards have been met. They record any faults or damages and make arrangements for repairs to be carried out. You need to train as a housekeeper in order to get these skills up to speed and the standard expected.

We run housekeeping training courses all year. See dates for the Housekeeper training course London here

Housekeeper training course London-what makes us stand out?

  • Recruiting and training staff would also be part of the job as a housekeeper so we will help you with that aspect.
  • A good housekeeper will demonstrate how to do a task to the set standard and expect new and existing employees to achieve the same level of competence. We will teach you these skills
  • The Housekeepers training also include how to prepare and manage budgets, buying in supplies economically and keeping records of expenditure.
  • Housekeepers work in all kinds of hotels and residential establishments, from small hotels to holiday centres, luxury health spas and private clubs so we offer our training in all the above facilities.

    Housekeeper training course London

    Housekeeper training course London -Become part of our elite

Do I have to do a Housekeeper training course London to become a housekeeper?

To become a good housekeeper, you should:

  • Have the ability to encourage and motivate staff have strong communications skills have good organisational skills pay attention to detail be able to cope with a crisis and make decisions have good numerical ability be physically fit
  • You do not always need to have academic qualifications to become a housekeeper but courses like our housekeeping course certainly will boost your chances of getting a good job.
  • It is usual to have a background in the hospitality industry or to get a relevant housekeeper qualification with us.
  • It is possible to work your way up from room attendant, if you show the necessary skills in team work and communication.

Housekeeping qualifications are fairly easy to book so to enrol:

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Housekeeper training course London-more that you bargained for

The housekeeping course also include subjects like hospitality management, hotel and house management training so this fine housekeeper qualification will take you a long way. A qualification at this level may help you progress in your career to a senior house management or butler position.

Housekeeper training course London

Housekeeper training course London -Student in training

Opportunities after the training with us

Housekeepers tend to stay in their job for some time and so there are fewer vacancies than in other areas of the industry. There are more opportunities at a junior level but competition can be fierce.

There may be opportunities to move into a related job, such as front-of-house manager or training manager. There are also professional qualifications that can help with progression such as our housekeeping and maid training programmes.

Some housekeepers become self-employed and run their own small hotels for example

There are many other opportunities available as well of course and you can get intern-ship or work experience via us also if you do well


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