Housekeeper jobs London

Housekeeper jobs London

Housekeeper jobs London

Housekeeper jobs London

Are you looking to find housekeeper jobs London? High paid positions in London can be hard to find. To find a housekeeper job with a private family in London that pays a top end, register with us. It is free of charge. It is our job to find you a housekeeper role that is well paid.

Housekeeper agencies London

There are many different housekeeper agencies in London. Not many are as reputable as ours.  We have the best housekeepers jobs London available all year around. We also place housekeepers in other locations in the UK and overseas.

How to find a housekeeping position in London with the Bespoke Bureau?

It’s as easy as one two three. Register with the housekeeping agency in London today. Please send us your cv and we will welcome you in to discuss available vacancies. We will introduce you to the agency’s best paid housekeeper jobs in London.

Available housekeeping jobs London

  • daily positions.
  • central London positions.
  • part time positions.
  • full time positions.
  • emergency housekeeper work.
  • permanent work.
  • temporary work.
  • housekeeper work.

    Housekeeper jobs London

    Find your dream role with us

Salaries housekeeper jobs London

Housekeeping jobs in London can sometimes pay more than other roles. It is important that you use a housekeeping agency in London such as ours to get you the best paid jobs. We want you to recommend us to your friends so we can also place them as housekeepers in London.  A daily housekeeper in London can earn from 400 to 500 pounds per week net approximately. Sometimes less and sometimes she earns more. If you want a housekeeping job in London that pays well then you may also have to work long hours.


  • be a great housekeeper.
  • cook.
  • cleaning.
  • laundry.
  • errands.
  • service.
  • ironing
  • baby sit.
  • Much more

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