Housekeeper courses Mega Yacht

Housekeeper courses Mega Yacht

Housekeeper courses Mega yacht

Housekeeper courses Mega yacht

Spaces available next week – book now! Contact us on +442032900142 or today with your name and number for a quote.

Are you looking to find Housekeeper courses Mega Yacht?

We run world famous housekeeper courses for yacht crew and others. Come and live and work on the yacht in London whilst you study. You can also do 1-2 day courses only with us.

Housekeeper courses London Yacht work

Housekeeper courses London Yacht work

Cost of the Housekeeper courses Mega Yacht

These type of yacht service courses often cost a lot. We try and keep our prices down so that you can excel in your job as a steward or stewardess. It is in our interest to keep the prices of down. This is so that you and your friends can get a good deal. It is also so that you can recommend us and our training course to your friends.

How do the housekeeper courses Mega yacht work?

  • Live and train on board our 5 star luxury yacht in central London.
  • Small groups make the training easier.
  • Theory and practical curriculum that are easy to understand.
  • Make friends for life.
  • Become the best in the industry.Certification yacht interior crew

Our teachers of the housekeeper courses Mega yacht

Our trainers are known as the best in the industry. They have worked in the same jobs that you are in or wish to go into. With their experience on the finest yachts in the world, they are the elite. They will teach you real life knowledge in real life settings. Your certificate will be appreciated by your employer.

Thank you!

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