Household Staff Agency London

Household Staff Agency London

Household staff agency London-Sara Vestin Rahmani

Household staff agency London-Sara Vestin Rahmani, head of the operation

We provide superior household staff for private homes. Because of our Elite clients, our recruitment method is strict. All our domestic staff candidates have been interviewed. Their work history and references are checked. Finding reliable home staff can be a difficult. We will take away the stress from you. Our 6 star service attitude makes us the agency the best.

How we work

To help us find you the most suitable household staff candidates,  we take full job descriptions from you. Our consultants are trained in all aspects of the recruitment process. For a face to face consultation, our offices are  located in central London. We are also happy to come and visit you in your home.

Trained consultants and staff

  • Our office consultants receive excellent training. They attend regular courses to further improve their skills. They are well equipped to help you with your requirements.
  • We train our domestic staff candidates to a very high standard. We own the British Butler Academy. We are able to run domestic staff training for your home staff to your specific requirements The training courses are held on your premises  or in one of our houses.

Why pick our Household Staff Agency London

We are the largest Household Staff Agency London. We specialize in the placement and training of quality household, 5 Star Hotel and yacht staff. We pride ourselves on:

  • integrity
  • stability
  • professionalism

Our clients require expert service, dedication and loyalty.

Household Staff Agency London

Household Staff Agency London-Hire the best

Who are our clients?

The Household Staff Agency London recruit  household staff for casual and formal households. Our clients are located in all over the world. It is our responsibility to find as many potential candidates for you. We will always hand pick CVs before we forward them to you for interviewing. We do not ever advertise. All our recruitment is done via recommendation.

Our understanding of your needs:

Bespoke Bureau understands that your family and home are of real importance. All of our applicants are evaluated on their:

  • presence
  • personality
  • temperament
  • suitability
  • skills
  • experience
  • qualifications

All our domestic staff candidates have excellent recommendations.

Household Staff Agency London

Household Staff Agency London-Take your pick

Some quotes from some clients:

 “He is a great person to work with. He works well under pressure and is great in a team. I cannot speak more highly of him. He is exceptional in very many ways.”

“I have found her of outstanding character – extremely reliable/trustworthy, organized and hard working.”

 “During the time she’s been with us there has not been one day when I could say I have been anything other than wholly satisfied with her work”

“He became a valuable asset in his department, turning his hand to many things that were alien to him demonstrating an aptitude for picking things up with velocity”

 “Marie has a quiet character and is hardworking”

 “She was exceedingly bright, and would find ways to make the household run more smoothly and efficiently of her own accord. She had tremendous initiative, which would be a benefit to any company. She is honest to a fault and I did and would again trust her with my home, my family, my car, my bank card and my belongings.”

“I have found Michelle to be diligent, hardworking, organised, a self-starter, discreet, trustworthy and highly motivated. She works well on her own initiative”

Bespoke Bureau will never compromise the importance of fully vetting the candidates, and will never send you a candidate that we don’t believe in. Therefore you can fully trust us to find you the most suitable candidate for you.

Household Staff Agency London

Household Staff Agency London-Hire a Butler or any other domestic staff with us

Register and find domestic staff with the Household Staff Agency London

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Thank you!

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