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Sara Vestin Rahmani - Founder of the Etiquette Academy

Sara Vestin Rahmani – Founder of the Etiquette Academy

Contact us on +442032900142 or for more information on the Etiquette Academy London and courses the available here or elsewhere.

Introduction Etiquette Academy London:

Over the years, The British Etiquette Academy has built an excellent reputation for delivering social etiquette training, tours and workshops worldwide. Whether you require individual or corporate training, these etiquette courses are designed to improve the professional and personal profile. We have a number of modules to accommodate each and every angle of etiquette. The Etiquette Academy operates in central London but also in various prestige settings around the globe via our sales partners.

Etiquette Academy London  – what is on offer?

It's all in the detail

It’s all in the detail

From business etiquette, children’s etiquette and how to become the perfect British lady. Join us in our social or business etiquette training, which will put you or your company ahead of the rest. Our training offers the very highest protocol that is required by top society of today. We want to help people project the best image possible. It is our passion to equip people from all walks of life with the necessary skills to move confidently from the informal to the formal with ease and grace. The classes instil a greater sense of potential and increased confidence for all who attend.

Reach the Social Elite with The Etiquette Academy London:

As an Elite individual living in the 20th century, you want to be the best you can be. This requires the Elite training that we offer which will set the tone for whatever part of your life you aim it at. In Britain, it is well recognised that the people who get ahead in life are those who can present themselves in the best possible way. Never once Underestimate the impact of social etiquette.

Britain has a long history of etiquette

Britain has a long history of etiquette

Our Etiquette Portfolio:

Our modules style are based on the simplicity of kindness and respect for self, others and property. We teach and present programs for private schools, Elite hotels, large corporations as well as private individuals from all walks of life. We run standard curriculums but we also develop special curriculums on your request.

1. Service Etiquette – For high-end hospitality and service staff as well as for those looking to learn the art of home entertaining.

2. British Social Etiquette – Become part of the Elite. The course is for those looking to familiarise themselves with British Mannerism and Culture whilst refining themselves.

3. Finishing School for Mature and Young Ladies – Become a refined British Lady. Learn manners, traditions and ways to become refined. We teach posture and poise, British Accent and more

4. Dining Etiquette – Learn about the British dining traditions, afternoon tea, dining mannerism and traditions. The course is focus on food and drinks in various settings and times of the day.

5. Business Etiquette – From how to introduce yourself to what to order during business meetings, Learnt the rules from the experts. We will teach you the western ways you need for establishing business relationships.

Children's etiquette classes with us are popular

Children’s etiquette classes with us are popular

6. Children’s Etiquette – Etiquette courses designed to develop strong social skills that will transform your kids into leaders of tomorrow. We do school workshops and also offer an elite tutoring service for children in all subjects incl English. We have specialist tutors that help your child gain entry to the best schools and can help you visit Britain’s finest schools.

The Etiquette Academy UK will see that you become:

• Refined • Well versed • Able to follow British Protocol • Walk like a British Lady/Gent • Speak like a British Lady/Gent • Able to use a full cutlery set and lay a table • Able to tell what dress codes apply • Able to greet people in the correct manner.

Meet The Etiquette Academy London Teachers:

Our Master teachers are the most qualified in the world with over 100 years combined experience.

Amy is a refined British Role model of Etiquette and class

Amy is a refined British Role model of Etiquette and class

Amy is one of The Etiquette Academy London finest Lady Etiquette Teachers. She is Quintessentially British and has been through all the steps, such as participating top UK Girl’s schools, needed to be defined a British Lady. Amy is a specialist in British Ladies social skills, manners, and etiquette. She is able to figure out what teaching is needed for general behaviour required for each individual depending on the particular environment that they are in. Amy also teaches elocution lessons and has excellent ‘received pronunciation’ British accent. Amy has many years experience of private and public tutoring.

Andrew with proud graduate student at Mustique Island October 2014

Andrew with proud graduate student at Mustique Island October 2014

Andrew: A British gentleman Butler with almost half a century spent working with Elite etiquette, protocol and finesse in private service. A modest man of the highest integrity. Andrew is known to be a Gent’s gent. Andrew has served the Queen, Frank Sinatra and some other very famous people. You can rest assured that the delivery and execution of the training provided by Andrew is nothing short of amazing.

Our Etiquette Teaching – Methods at our Etiquette Academy:

Join The Social Elite - Train with us!

Join The Social Elite – Train with us!

• Theoretical training • Practical training • Role play • Group discussions • Field Trips • Implementation of real life scenarios • Introduction – British Etiquette • British Culture • Posture & Poise • The way you walk, talk and body language • Women’s Fashion • Meet & Greet Etiquette • The Art of Entertaining • Be the perfect guest • Dining Etiquette  • Afternoon Tea – Coffee and Tea • British Accent training • Entertain like the Queen • Flower arranging • Child behaviour • Children social rules • Refine your child • Dress codes • British Culture & History • Become a refined British Gent • Become the perfect British Lady • Etiquette • Men’s Fashion • Service etiquette  • Join the social Elite • Business Etiquette • Dine like the royals

The Etiquette Academy UK offers these modules/courses:

  1. Open courses: Our group courses in the UK where anyone can apply. They are held in a luxury setting or our HQ and you can choose to live in or come daily. They run over 1 and 2 days, usually at a weekend. Dates are available on our website or by speaking to our offices.
  2. Individual training: Courses where you get the trainer to yourself .You can come to us or we come to you. You choose the course content based on your needs. We send 1, 2 or 3 trainers to you anywhere in the world.
  3. Bespoke Group Tours: We provide tailor-made group tours for foreign national students as cultural exchange trips and for groups wanting to experience London the Quintessential way.
  4. Corporate courses and workshops: We will work with you personally to design a program tailored to the needs of your group. Theoretical and practical training designed to help your setting or company gain the competitive edge in an ever-discerning world. We have trainers available all year around and run everything from 1 day work shops to full training programs in Etiquette, Protocol and Elite service.
Ladies Finishing School London

Ladies Finishing School Ladies Etiquette Training London – Location

How to book your space at the Etiquette Academy the UK?

Contact us on +442032900142 or e-mail us on for more information on the etiquette training with us, dates and pricing.

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