Estate Manager Agency

Estate manager Agency

If you are looking for an Estate manager then please look no further. Our Estate manager Agency can do the job for you. We recruit Palace Managers, Estate Manager, Head Butlers, Butler administrator, House Manager and much more

Estate Manager Agency

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Responsibilities & Duties, the Estate manager Agency explains

The Estate Manager or the Butler Administrator is the senior manager and principal’s representative working usually in an administrative capacity in one or more large estates, while being capable of hands-on service when required.

Responsible for policy generation and enforcement, long-range planning and the efficient and effective management of often large numbers of staff, including yacht crews and flight attendants, and the servicing of principals & guests

Our Estate Manager Agency has alot of very good and experienced Estate Managers as well as Butler Administrators so come hire today.

Estate Manager Agency

Estate Manager Agency HQ in London

Estate manager Agency

The staff we have at our Estate Manager Agency will manage multiple properties, ensuring consistency and continuity of services and standards, and information exchange between properties.

Duties expected of the Estate Manager or Butler administrator:

  • Overall financial management for all properties and ancillary services including authorisation of larger purchases and investments
  • Overall management of staff in all properties
  • Responsible for ancillary elements such as stables and race track, golf course
  • Storage and presentation of collectables including vehicles, antiques and fine arts and may include museums and exhibits
  • Management of docks, yachts and airstrip (in conjunction with yacht and flight crew)
  • Project management and management of contractors
  • Overall security of properties and ancillary elements
  • May be involved in aspects of the employers business
  • May fill the role of Personal Assistant to a principal
  • May assist with aspects of an employer’s business(es).
  • Reports directly to the principal or sometimes to a principal’s management company.
  • Generally requires business-hours schedule, along with 24/7 availability for emergencies.

    Estate Manager Agency-Sara Vestin Rahmani

    Estate Manager Agency-Sara Vestin Rahmani recruits for herself and her VIP clients

Other we at the Estate Manager Agency use for Estate Managers and Butler Administrators include:

  • Director of Properties and Services
  • Director of Residences
  • General Manager of Properties and Services.

Where this is the case, the likelihood is the position is being/to be filled by an individual with a corporate background and no formal training in private service. Sometimes, this position can be referred to as Majordomo, although this title also applies to a Butler or Household Manager positions

Qualifications & Skills of the Estate Manager or Butler administrator from our Estate manager Agency

  • Business and management training and experience with successful demonstration of skills, including in human resources/personnel handling.
  • Our Estate Manager Agency also offers training for these roles. At our premises or your’s
  • Certified qualification and experience in household & property/project management and residential service
  • Experience in property and project management, including major construction and or renovations.
  • Where properties may have ancillary elements such as stables and race track, golf course, car museum, dock and yachts, airplanes and airstrips, etc, the estate manager needs expertise in their management.

    Estate Manager Agency

    Estate Manager Agency-a good estate manager will see to all your other staff too

If you want to hire from our Estate Manager Agency, you should be sure to register with us today – and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to help you find the best of the best.

Give us a ring today on +442032900142 or email us on for a more in depth chat about the various types of Estate Managers and other staff you can have from us