London Best Concierge Service

London Best Concierge Service

Harassed executives all have professional Personal Assistants to organize their lives and schedule. We’ve all heard the cliché of the busy company director getting his P.A. to buy his wife’s birthday, anniversary and Christmas presents.

London Best Concierge Service takes the place of that competent secretary, with her little black book of contacts – for those of us that can afford it that is.

London Best Concierge Service

London Best Concierge Service-Let us make your life easier

Why choose London Best Concierge Service over a PA?

Overworked P.A’s too can find these services useful. Why? It’s a simple financial equation. Hourly rate of pay multiplied by time taken to complete a task, such as picking up a prescription for the boss – compared to paying someone else to do it whose hourly fee is less.

For busy professionals who value their free time these new services can be well worth it. If you only have one free day in a week do you really want to spend a major part of it grocery shopping, doing the laundry or any of the other 1001 jobs that are required to keep on top of things?

The concierge departments in major hotels are regarded by most as the Mr Fixits of the hotel world. These people know everyone, have access to special deals, know the top restaurants’ Head Waiters personally ( and so can get around the ‘fully booked’ issue) and more. Bespoke Bureau, London Best Concierge Service is the same but more so.

London Best Concierge Service -what people require from us

London Best Concierge Service

London Best Concierge Service-Need a driver? We will fix it

Part concierge, part gal Friday and part savvy social director, these services claim to be able to juggle everything from obtaining hard-to-get dinner and theatre reservations to renting a villa in St. Tropez, arranging for a personal Pilates session in your hotel suite and having your dog walked.

Tales of seemingly impossible requests for guests achieved in an improbable amount of time abound and the top concierge services that are now available to both individuals and corporations have similar stories to tell – from sourcing bullet-proof cars to arranging for shops to open out of hours – money is the only issue and, lets face it, for wealthy professionals money is not necessarily an issue at all.

London Best Concierge Service – save money with Bespoke Bureau

Most of the lifestyle clubs require an annual fee combined with one-off fees depending on the various requests. There’s no doubt that the more often one uses the service the better value it becomes. We offer fllexible payment terms, ad hoc or annual fees. You decide

Joining London Best Concierge Service can be an economical alternative to (or adjunct to) having a salaried ‘Girl Friday’.

More info about Bespoke Bureau’s London Best Concierge Service and how we can work for you and make your life easier, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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