Childcare courses London

Childcare courses London

childcare courses London

Learn about childcare

Peek-a-boo Childcare Ltd, is the UK’s leading nanny agency. We operate under the same brand as Bespoke Bureau. As a childcare staffing agency, we offer training courses too.  Our childcare courses London provide qualifications for nannies and maternity nurses. We teach private child carers as well as parents essential skills. We also help seasoned child carers refreshment courses.

Childcare courses London -Professional Nanny Training

  • Are you very experienced but have no formal nanny training?
  • Are you looking for a high paid nanny role?
  • Do you want to refresh or update your childcare skills?
  • Do you want to join the voluntary Ofsted register?

Then become a Qualified Nanny with our childcare courses London. This is YOUR chance to shine.

Those wanting to become Qualified nannies or boost their CVs come to train with us. Students will become more professional, earn higher wages and impress their employers. Those with little childcare experience will learn quickly with our easy methods of teaching.

The childcare training is a sure way to getting on to the nanny career ladder. You can land yourself your dream job. The nanny childcare qualification certificate will look amazing in your CV or your portfolio.

The Maternity and Baby Academy’s Professional Nanny Certificate for Nannies

Why book one of our childcare courses London

  • We are a  recognise learning centre with childcare courses London.
  • These are accredited.
  • Central London locations.
  • We do group courses.
  • We do individual courses.
  • We can come to you if you prefer.
  • The country’s best trainers are the ones we use.
  • Our testimonials are all very positive.

    childcare courses London

    Trained childcarers can make happy children

Childcare courses London and our curriculum

The childcare courses London curriculum is developed by devoted child care educators. These tutors specialize in early childhood education and child development. The intensive practical 1 day training runs over a weekend day usually. You will receive a Professional Nanny qualification certificate after completion.  The course focuses on a variety of important child care topics. We teach everything from child health & safety to communication with child and parents. We also offer advice on developing age suitable activities etc. Student will learn child care essentials for:

  • older infants.
  • toddlers.
  • preschoolers.
  • school aged children.

More modules are:

  1. nutrition.
  2. handling tantrums.
  3. professionalism.
  4. education.
  5. redirecting.
  6. developing routines.
  7. healthy habits promotion.
  8. positive reinforcement.
  9. potty training.
  10. sibling rivalry and much much more
  11. common sore skills for Ofsted.
  12. when to Call the Doctor.
  13. handling emergencies.
  14. leadership / being a role model.
  15. preventing and handling temper tantrums.
  16. preparing Nutritional Meals and Healthy Snacks.
  17. preparing for nap time and bed time.
  18. coping with separation anxiety.

    childcare courses London

    Train to be the best with our childcare courses London

Childcare courses London – who are they for?

Training is for both experienced and inexperienced child carers.

We teach:

  • Nannies
  • Au Pairs
  • Parents
  • Babysitters
  • Child Care Providers
  • Daycare Teachers
  • Pre school teachers
  • Anyone else will care for young toddlers or early school age children professionally.

Classes are held in English. This class is a non-medical child care class. This course is appropriate for those with at least some childcare experience. It is also suitable for those currently working as a nanny and those who would like to work as a nanny. This class goes beyond basic babysitter safety training. It is appropriate for professional development but it is not a parenting class. Class space is limited so early registration is recommended to ensure the class of your choice.

Learn the safe and educationally encouraging way to care for young children. During this energetic and interactive child care learning session you will have fun.

Requirements Childcare courses London

You must:

1. Be at least 18 years of age or older.

2. Childcare experience.

3. Speak fluent English

Maternity nurse and Baby Care Training Courses in London

Calling all professional nannies and parents wanting to gain or refresh Maternity and Baby Skills. The very much sought after London Maternity and Baby training is now in full swing and Peek-a-boo is welcoming you and your friends to participate or become qualified Maternity nurses with the MBA (Maternity and Baby Academy)

Requirements Childcare courses London

You must:

1. Be at least 18 years of age or older.

2. At least 2 years nanny experience.

3. Speak fluent English

First aid Childcare courses London

In an emergency a child carer needs to react quickly and effectively. Knowing what to do could save a child’s life. We run Pediatric Child Safety & First Aid courses, these courses are suitable for Nannies wishing to join the Voluntary part of the Ofsted Childcare Register (OCR). It is also suitable for Au Pairs, Babysitters, Parents and anybody who cares for children and needs a basic course.

Requirements Childcare courses London

You must:

1. Speak fluent English

Contact us to book one of our childcare courses London now

Email to find out the next dates we have available. You can find more information on our website or contact the team:

Childcare courses London with Sara Vestin Rahmani

Kind regards,

Sara Vestin Rahmani


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Residential Butler training in England

Residential Butler training in England

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Residential Butler Training in England

Residential Butler Training in England- Happy graduated students

Residential Butler training in England: We use estates on tranquil London suburbs and the UK countryside. Our school for butlers teaches butler and house management students how to serve the world’s filthy rich. The British Butler Academy is designed to put students through their paces and teach budding Butlers and House managers how to deal with the situations they might find during a day’s service.

Our royal setting, the home of the British Butler Academy, looks and feels as frightfully British as it is. The pupils at the Residential Butler training in England dress formally and address each other formally and have spent hours learning how to serve drinks, do silver service training and how to manage the manor.

The school, which has its HQ on ancient London Guildhall runs the Residential Butler training in England at our estates throughout the year.

Residential Butler training in England – like Downton abbey?

The Butler school’s immaculate students may look as if they’re auditioning for a role in the next series of Downton Abbey. However, the Residential Butler training in England runs teaching with both traditional and modern techniques. The British Butler professional is a thoroughly modern career now that globalisation has led to a deepening gulf between the haves and the have-yachts.

Residential Butler training in England

Residential Butler training in England-Sara Vestin Rahmani owns the academies

Never in history have there been so many very rich people on the planet, and when you’re very rich, there’s nothing nicer than having someone manage your property portfolio and the smooth running of other assets.

Attended to at all hours by a rotating roster of personal butlers, the guests of our estates are royalty as they stay on the estate whilst the courses run – which helps keep the students on their well shod toes but it works well.

Residential Butler training in England -what do do teach and for how much?

We teach the students to notice the tiniest details about any given scenario. A smudge on a vase, the distance between a tablecloth and the floor. The British Butler academy take on only 12 students at the time and each one paid in the region of £3000 plus VAT for a 2 week course to be schooled in the rigours of a profession that requires them to be discreet, all-seeing and unflappable. We mix men and women of all ages.

Who can apply to the Residential Butler training in England?

There is no typical candidate in terms of background or professional training. However, the students all share a service-oriented personality and the ability to put the needs of someone else before themselves. That’s increasingly rare in today’s society, where people are increasingly focused on their own gratification.

Earnings and job potential after the Residential Butler training in England

  • The Butler students hail from countries as diverse as Sweden, Thailand, France, Australia and China and the really good ones stand to make anything up to £150,000 per year working for the super-rich.
  • Once in place, they will facilitate – and share in – the lavish lifestyles of Russian oligarchs, globe-trotting investment bankers, even rap megastars.
  • They’re as likely to be preparing financial budgets on a spreadsheet as ironing newspapers, and the training takes in all possible facets of estate management, both old-school and new-fangled.

Recruitment is part of what we do

  • We are also a recruitment agency, The Bespoke Bureau (our recruitment branch) are constantly assessing the pupils with a view to recommending the best to prospective employers.
  • Some trainee Butlers are ex bankers whose redundancies led them to re-evaluate their career. The salaries are higher than any other role in the hospitality business.
  • The Butler academy develops a real sense of camaraderie among the trainees, who take it in turns to be head butler and assistant head butler, but without the power struggles that the likes of Downton Abbey might lead us to expect. We aim for ‘excellence’ at all times– and just want things to run really well, down to the smallest detail.

    Residential Butler Training in England

    Residential Butler Training in England-Prepping post dinner coffee and chocolates

Residential Butler training in England -placements in China

Most of the butlers, young and mature, seem to relish the thought that their new job might take them somewhere new and unexpected but we place a lot of staff in China and that market is growing

“The new rich in China like the idea of having a European-trained butler, because they are learning the customs that come with a certain level of society – which knife to use, that kind of thing. In a funny way, as a butler, it can be like you’re educating your employer.”

Residential Butler training in England – Butler functions free of charge

The academy also host corporate functions during the Residential Butler training in England, so back in the dining room, before a party, the students line up (in descending height order) to be briefed by on the event’s exacting requirements.

There follows a full-scale dress-rehearsal, where a flotilla of butlers files in to the room, silver dinnerware gleaming, before revealing imaginary delicacies in perfect timing.

Residential Butler Training in England

Smiley student on a recent training course

You can (if you are lucky) get a team of butlers to serve up at a party you are hosting if you book with us early enough. Their skills will be put to the best.

Book the Residential Butler Training in England with us today:

If you wish to train to be a butler with us then you are welcome to apply. We have courses all year around and if you are lucky there is a free space.

We also run yacht interior courses, silver service courses and much much more at the academy

Join the fun and make friends for life with your famous Butler Academy in the heart of London. We very much believe that you will enjoy yourself and have an unforgettable 2 weeks with us at the home of British Butlering.

Book your slot with us today on +442032900142 or email us on for a more in depth chat about the various types of training courses you can do with us


Silver service course England

Silver service course England

We run popular silver service courses over 1-3 days. The academy is known to provide the best silver service courses in the UK. We have available slots all year. It is, however, a good idea to book early not to miss out. The courses are based in London UK. We also run courses at your house if you prefer. You can book a group course or a private course. The comprehensive training provides either entry level or advanced training for the perfect silver service.

Who books the Silver service course England?Silver service course England

  • Yacht stewards.
  • Yacht stewardesses.
  • Yacht interior workers.
  • Waiters.
  • Butlers.
  • Housekeepers.
  • House managers.
  • Cabin crew.
  • Other people who want to learn this special.

This silver service course England is can be taken alone or as part of the 14 day Butler course.

Syllabus on the silver service course England

  • Silver Service level 1, level 2 & level 3.
  • Mise en place.
  • Table management.
  • Caviar service.
  • Flower Arranging.
  • Cheeses.
  • Cigars.
  • Canapes service
  • VIP Elite service.

    Silver service course England

    Happy Graduates

Why silver service training?

The silver service waiter or waitress must be trained. He or she must be well acquainted with the appropriate technique. Our Silver Service Training courses will teach your service staff to be the best. Their silver service etiquette and skills will enable them to provide the best possible service to your customers or your home.

How to book the Silver service course England

Silver service course England

Train to be the best

Contact us on +442032900142, fill in the form below or e-mail us on 

Kind Regards, The British Butler Academy & Bespoke Bureau

Blackwell House | Guildhall Yard
Bank | London | EC2V 5AE, UK
Phone: +44 (0) 2032900142

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Silver service course in London

Dates of the Silver service course in London

Silver service training course in London, about us:

The British Butler Academy runs a renowned silver service course in London. Several times a year are we here to teach you in a group environment or individually.

Our Silver service course in London started after we found that our clients (private HNW individuals and 5 star hotels and restaurants) needed their staff to up their game. After we started the Silver service course in London, the demand also came from private individuals.

Silver service course in London

Silver service course in London – We will see that you get it right

For the past 10 or so years, we have provided our Silver service course training to the staff of restaurants, hotels, yachts, private  jets, private members clubs and and private homes all over the globe.

Our teaching technique at the Silver service course in London

We mix traditional silver service with a modern  twist. We teach our students on the Silver service course in London how to work as part of a team but also how to manage the table and guests alone.

Silver service course in London

Silver service course in London – silver service is an art

Understanding that every household, setting and work environment is different, we are always adapt the training to suit the specific requirements of the client. This is done in order to deliver a tailor made package best for you. Hence the name of our company, Bespoke Bureau (bespoke meaning tailor made)

Silver service course in London – and abroad

  • We are a franchise worldwide
  • We can travel to you
  • You can come to us
  • You can send your staff to us

No job is too big or too small for us at the Silver service course in London

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Book a silver service course for yourself or your Domestic staff, Hotel staff, Yacht staff or Cabin crew staff today on +442032900142 or



European Butler Training Courses

European Butler Training Courses

European Butler Training Courses

Happy graduates at one of the European Butler Training Courses

We offer Butler and private service training courses across Europe and also on other continents. Based in London, our teachers travel all the time to deliver the best European Butler Training Courses available on the market.

Why choose our European Butler Training Courses?

Throughout the years, the prestigious British Butler and Housekeeper Academy and our European Butler Training Courses have won recognition both nationally and internationally. We are considered the most sought-after European Butler Training Courses school with campuses not only in the UK but in various countries via our franchise.

Who can train on the European Butler Training Courses?

  • 5 star Hotel staff
  • Hotel management
  • Private house Butlers
  • Housekeeper
  • Interior yacht crew
  • Other service staff

European Butler Training Courses – choose how long you wish to train for

European Butler Training Courses

European Butler Training Courses- suitcase packing

The  British Butler Academy’s European Butler Training Courses run from 2 days to 4 weeks.  The training is held in central London (Mayfair or the city mostly) or at your premises or your Hotel should you wish.

What is included in the European Butler Training Courses:

  • a finishing school
  • valeting
  • silver service
  • cooking
  • flower arranging and much much more.

Welcome to the best European Butler Training Courses

Our Butler training offers the very highest private service that would be required by top society of today, managing and running their private residences and 5 star hotels and resorts.

We tailor make your Butler training to you. We offer short seminars of 2 days in addition to longer courses that run from 1 to 4 weeks.

Flexibility. You can come to us and either train in London and/or one of the stately homes we use. Alternatively, we can come to you.

European Butler Training Courses

Table management module

This is your private Butler training service taught at the very highest standards from us to you.

A snap shot of what you can learn at our European Butler Training Courses:

  • The Life of a Butler-History and traditions, personal traits, personal and professional standards, service in detail.
  • Staff Management- Interviewing, hiring and firing, agency staff, employee handbooks and house rules, human resources and personnel issues, staff communications, time management.
  • House Management-Technical skills,setting routines and schedules, defining and setting standards, purchasing.
  • Table Management- setting tables and serving meals, styles of service, table manners, wines and champagnes, cigars, special celebrations.
  • Laundry Management- including linens and fine fabric care, clothing maintenance, ironing & pressing, dry-cleaning, product knowledge.
  • Valeting Skills-Dress codes, formal wear, purchasing and care of bespoke clothing and shoes, maintaining inventories and packing suitcases.
  • Communication-cultural differences, interpersonal skills, body language, remembering names and making conversation, telephone manners, personal presentation skills.
  • Etiquette & Protocol-Addressing persons of different cultures and titled persons, acquiring social confidence, social correspondence, common-sense good manners and consideration for others.
  • Wine and food-Balancing food and wine, menu planning and record keeping, speed-cuisine, quality control, “the Chef’s night off”.
  • Miscellaneous-From traveling with your employer to relocating the household, chauffeuring techniques, security, character building and more, much more. •We train you in all the aspects of butling and house management

You will come away as the PERFECT BRITISH BUTLER.

Course dates available on our website or book on the form below

Contact us today to book one of our European Butler Training Courses 

Bespoke Bureau

Bespoke Bureau,

Blackwell House | Guildhall Yard

Bank | London | EC2V 5AE

Bespoke: +44 (0) 2032900142


House Management Course

House Management Course

House Management Course

House Management Course – theory lesson

House management and Butler Training with the British Butler Academy. To provide a great service in your house, hotel or elsewhere, you have to have the right trained house managers and butlers. They can become the right people through our butler and House management course. We offer training, motivation, accountability, and a clear standard of success. Every day at every location, our housekeeping and Butler managers are training staff. Bespoke Bureau’s House Management Course has made a significant change to the private domestic industry in the UK and overseas.

House Management Course- Be the best there is

To train to be the best Butler or house manager around, we have built a famous butler school with a wonderful House Management Course as part of it. The curriculum includes a week of house management and butlering as part of a 2 week estate management course.

At our stately homes we offer our Residential House Management Course (where students are housed on campus) and 30 modules that provide house managers all they need to know. We have trained and certified a number of excellent Butlers, House managers, Executive Housekeepers, Assistant Executive Housekeepers etc on our House Management course

House Management Course

House Management Course students lined up

House Management course -the curriculum

  • In addition to the basics in professionalism and housekeeping management, our students are trained in every element needed to become the best of the best in the private service industry.
  • We offer about 30% theory and 70% hands on/practical training during the House Management course
  • Our students are trained to always have a professional appearance: clean, pressed, belted in. All on-site employees wear uniforms.

Master Service Inspection on the House Management course

To be sure the training has translated from the classroom to the workplace, our quality controllers (who are sometimes trainers but often other staff with an objective view) inspect every details. This is to ensure that the House Management course continues being the best in business and that you will learn everything we have to offer the best possible way.

Contact us for dates and costs on the House Management course:

We would love to hear from you so call us today: +44 (0) 2032900142


Butler training courses England

Butler training courses England

Butler training courses England

Butler training courses England

Throughout the years, the prestigious Bureau British Butler Academy has won recognition. We are well known nationally and internationally, and are considered the most sought-after Butler academy in the UK, China, Russia and around Europe. We train 5 star Hotel staff and all private service staff to the highest of standards.

Butler training courses England- awards and accreditation

Butler training courses England are accredited. We are the only Butler company in the UK that is a recognised learning centre. With OCN London we offer butler qualifications that are official. These are recognised worldwide. We are the only Butler training course that is recommended and endorsed by The British Butler Association. We have the great honour of picking up awards monthly for our excellence. March 2014 we were picked for the Excellence in British Business overseas by the British diplomatic office.

Information on the Butler training courses England

We offer 2 day to 4 week courses in London and around the UK. We also travel overseas. Our training is run in real life settings which are either at our mansion, your home or a hotel.

Our Butler training courses England include:

  • british finishing school.
  • valeting training.
  • silver service training.
  • chefs night off.
  • flower arranging.
  • housekeeping.
  • house management.
  • much much more.

    Butler training courses UK

    One of our mansions

Who trains with us?

  • hotel staff.
  • housekeepers.
  • house managers.
  • butlers.
  • house wives.
  • estate managers.
  • waiters.
  • private jet cabin crew.
  • super yacht crew.
  • other service staff.

Elite Butler training courses UK

Butler training courses UK

Butler training courses UK – Suitcase packing

Our Butler training offers the very highest private service that would be required by top society of today. You will learn all there is to know in management and running of private residences and 5 star hotels and resorts. We tailor make your Butler training to you. We offer short seminars of 2 days in addition to longer courses that run from 1 to 4 weeks. Flexibility. You can come to us and either train in London and/or one of the stately homes we use. Alternatively, we can come to you. This is your private Butler training service taught at the very highest standards from us to you.

Our trainers

Our trainers are known as the best in the industry. With their combined 100 years of experience on the finest yachts in the world, they are the elite. They will teach you real life knowledge in real life settings. Your certificate will be appreciated by your current or future employer.

Butler training courses UKWelcome to the UK’s most exclusive Butler training courses.

For dates, tailor made courses, discounts or to book, please email or call +44 (0) 2032900142

Thank you!

Sara Vestin Rahmani

Bespoke Bureau

Blackwell House | Guildhall Yard

Bank | London | EC2V 5AE

Main phone: +44 (0) 2032900142

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Top butler training company

Top butler training with the British Butler Academy

1 day to 2 week Top Butler training in the UK or at your premises.

Top butler training course

Top butler training course-At your service

The Top butler training course we run is challenging but fun! Learn the skills of a traditional butler. If you are in a residential Top butler course with us then you will be living and learning together and friendships will be forged that last a lifetime.

Our top butler training courses are open for the public once every other month. We also run tailor made Butler and service courses at our premises for other companies and hotels in China as well as other countries.

What happens at the Top butler training?

Top butler training

Top butler training with us

When on the Top butler training, you will be taught what it is like working as a Butler and House Manager on an estate. We teach topics such:

  • Etiquette
  • Valeting
  • Silver Service
  • Butler service
  • Care of Antiques
  • Care of Fine Clothes
  • Presentation and Packing
  • Staff management
  • Communication skills
  • Cultural differences amongst many other subjects.
  • Part of the Top butler training is also a finishing school module which is very popular.

Top butler training certification

Upon successful completion of the Top butler training course you will be awarded with a Certificate for each successfully completed Butler module in addition to a final Butler certificate detailing that you have completed the full course. A qualification from Bespoke Bureau’s prestigious Butler Academy is sure to propel you in your current career and put you ahead of others in your profession.

Top butler training- find work with us

Top butler training course

Top butler training course

Our previous Top butler training Course students have a very high success rate in finding Butler and House management employment upon successful completion of the course and those that were already in employment have reported a marked increase in their wage.

Who does the Top butler training?

  • Five-star hotels turn to us for staff training, consultancy and recruitment and send their staff to our residential courses.
  • Butlers
  • Housemanagers
  • Estate Managers
  • Housekeepers
  • Hotel staff
  • Former PAs
  • Service minded people wishing to become butlers
  • Normal people with a service mind who wish to become qualified Butlers
  • Anyone in the  industry who wishes to become one of the best Butlers in the world

    Sara Vestin Rahmani outside her HQ

    Sara Vestin Rahmani outside her HQ

More information on the Top Butler training course:

If you are interested in enrolling, you need to be quick. Please call or email with any queries or just to find out what the course is all about. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and there is no such thing as a ‘silly question’.

For dates, tailor made courses, discounts or to book, please email or call +44 (0) 2032900142

Bespoke Bureau © 2014| Blackwell House | Guildhall Yard |EC2V 5AE England

We look forward to having you on tour world famous Top Butler Training course. Thank you!

Bespoke Vimeo

House management courses UK

House management courses UK

House management courses UK

House management courses UK-Happy Graduates

The British Butler Academy’s House management courses UK are considered the best of the best

The House management courses UK that we offer include Estate and Palace management courses. Our training institute provides Butler Training and House management courses to individuals who want to start a new career or are already in our exciting industry.

Our curriculum at the House management courses UK

Considered the best around, our world class material is written by Butler experts, who are not only experienced in the field, but also have training skills, aids in mastering the art of true Butler Service.

The BBA-British Butler Academy – is world renowned for our modern yet traditional approach to Butler Service. We operate in private households, resorts, private jets, golf and members clubs as well as exclusive yachts plus passenger liners. Our training material is franchised on a copyright and trademark basis worldwide. We do however make sure that it is all customized for our own unique requirements and standards. The BBA’s Butler training and House management training standards are above the expected International norm. We aim for 6 stars not 5 stars.

House management courses UK – our hallmark 2 week intense course

House management courses UK

House management courses UK-Learn all there is to know

At our Butler and House management courses UK ( and estate management training courses) you will undergo a 2 week intensive training program. The training is not only focused on skills, but also on interpersonal relationship management skills within the sophisticated environment of Butlers. The Training Course is based on “Role Play” and Theoretical Training which is the foundation for all butlers. The personalities, challenges and situations we created for our students are to simulate, and give you the experience of a real household. The reality is 95% of our students graduate with excellent results and 90% end up in rewarding positions provided by the Butler Academy or sources by the candidate themselves, other parts of the world!

We do require all applicants to be aware that our House management courses UK are based on both solid theoretical and practical Butler skills. At The Bespoke Bureau Butler and House management (Estate management) training academy our trainers express experiential training.

The success and feedback that awaits after the House management courses UK

All students who attended the House management courses UK have consistently given positive feedback on the successful outcome in their new work environment. The Key is to be the best in your new employment weather you are working on a yacht, VIP household, Palace, estate or a diplomatic home – you are a Bespoke Bureau Butler and are considered unique and the best in the world!

The British Butler Academy & The Bespoke Bureau

The British Butler Academy an the Bespoke Bureau are two unique companies. The House management courses UK and are considered the best around and clients and staff from across the globe see to us for expertise. We are obviously very proud that some of the world’s wealthiest families and businesses, as well as five-star hotels and resorts use us as their number 1.

For dates, tailor made courses, discounts or to book, please email or call +44 (0) 2032900142

Information on our Butler training programme

What You’ll Learn on our Butler training:


Students have the option of taking the program as follows:
2-week entirety
1- day individual segment (if we have space)

Our Butler Management training curriculum is thorough and has been designed to provide Butler and House management students with all the skills they require to succeed as a Household Manager in the 21st century.

The 2-week Household and Butler program is broken into 4 major segments:

  1. Household Management
  2. Laundry and Housekeeping
  3. Butling and service
  4. Advanced Household Management

Segment 1 – Household Management :

  • Household Management
  • Security
  • Household Mechanicals
  • Domestic Staff hire and management
  • Professionalism
  • Hygiene

Household Management
All aspects of Household Management Communications, managing household inventories, procedures, manuals, petty cash
General best practices

Students are introduced to the concept of the Family Office and how to liaise with one.  Students will also be introduced to creating staff plans, drafting job descriptions, recruiting for household positions, employment and termination procedures, live-in vs. live-out protocols and employment laws and regulations.

First Aid (extra course)
This class teaches students the elements of First Aid, Heart Saver, AED.  Students will learn how to perform treatments for minor burns and cuts as well as how to respond to instances of potential heart attack or stroke.  Students will also know how to administer CPR by the end of this 1-day class.

Household props etc
Students will learn the terminology and typical components of a luxury residence’s inventory system.
We will help show you cost savings and techniques of Preventive Maintenance.

Segment 2 – Butling and Service

  • Butler Skills
  • Etiquette and Protocol
  • Table Setting and Service
  • Valet Skills
  • Event Planning
  • Butler Skills: A professional Butler teaches Butler traits, code of ethics and then traditional items such as ironing a newspaper, answering the door, and setting and serving tea trays.  Students will be taught the importance of anticipatory service and correct body language for entering and leaving a room.  Students will learn how to welcome and announce guests, answer the front door as well as the telephone.
  • Etiquette and Protocol: In this intensive course, students learn the difference between Etiquette and Protocol, the Order of Precedence and its applications, an introduction to the history of Etiquette & Protocol and how to make introductions (including cross-cultural.)  Students also practice various forms of correspondence and learn about the essential components of an invitation and how they should be interpreted.  Finally, students learn the application of Etiquette and Protocol in such various situations as births, weddings and funerals.
  • Table Setting and Service: This very hands-on class introduces students to different types of utensils, serving pieces, cutlery, china and glassware, and proceeds to table setting, table space calculation using a butler stick and the various international styles of table setting.  Students are taught napkin folding as well as learning about the Order of Service chart.  Finally, students learn service styles including but not limited to British, French, Russian, Asian and family style.
  • Valet Skills: Students will learn about the role and function (both current and historical) of the Valet.  The difference between a Butler and Valet is explained.  Valet skills such as shoe polishing, packing and unpacking of suitcases, tying different knot styles and jewelry cleaning are taught.  Students will learn the checklist that they should follow when returning garments to the wardrobe.
  • Event Planning/Part of the practical exam: Students learn the elements of executing an event from beginning to end.  This includes the management of RSVP lists and the ability to order rentals, wait staff, flowers and food in sufficient quantities according to industry standard metrics.  Students also learn how to plan a menu with a principal, caterer or private chef.

Segment 3 – Housekeeping and Laundry

In Segment 3 of the 4-week program, students learn about

  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Wardrobe Management
  • Housekeeping: This class explores the theory and best practices of Housekeeping in a luxury home.  It is also a heavily hands-on class where students have ample opportunity to practice the skills they are being taught.  Students learn about the potentially damaging effects of light, temperature and dust and are introduced to cleaning products (commercial, home-made and green) as well as cleaning tools.  Students learn the steps for cleaning a room as well as how to sanitize rooms like the kitchen and bathroom.  They also are instructed on how to zone a home as well as clean and maintain surfaces like marble, granite, slate, laminate, wood and man-made surfaces
  • Laundry: As with Housekeeping this class combines theoretical elements with hands-on practice.  Students learn about best practices for household laundry including the laundry symbol chart and are introduced to laundry products (commercial, home-made and green), tools and machines.  Students learn how to prepare clothes for laundry, to pre-treat various fabrics for different stains and to systemize the tracking of dry cleaning.  Students learn how to hand wash, steam a suit or dress, use a rotary iron for napkins and bed linen, and use a hand iron on a variety of fabrics.  The objective is to provide the House Manager with sufficient skills to manage the laundry department, hire and train a Laundress, and fill in if required.
  • Wardrobe Management: In this class students are taught how to manage a fine wardrobe.  Organizational principles of type, colour and fabric are taught, as is seasonal rotation of clothing that includes best storage practices for furs, fine woolens and other fabrics.  Wrinkle-free packing techniques are taught, as is the checklist of what to do when unpacking.  Students also learn basic sewing skills to assist their employer in a pinch.

Segment 4 – Advanced Household Management

Segment 4 of the 4-week program, students learn about:

  • Cigars and Coffee
  • Floral Design
  • Cooking
  • Wine, Champagne and Mixology
  • Cooking: A Private Chef, with experience working in some of the world’s best restaurants and private households, teaches students basic cooking skills that can be used on the “Chef’s Day Off.” Grilling techniques, attractive plating styles, preparation of marinades and vinaigrettes are taught so students will have recipes to delight their employers.  Students also learn how to choose the best meats, fish and produce at the market.
  • Wine, Champagne and Mixology: IA Certified Sommelier introduces students to the world of wine and champagne.  Students receive a brief history of both and are introduced to common varietals.  Students are instructed on the five basic steps of tasting wine: colour, swirl, smell, taste and savour.  Students will also know how to serve, pour and decant wine after taking this fun, hands-on class.  The class ends with students learning the principles of mixology including how to mix basic cocktails and how to set up a standard bar.

Who We Are

Bespoke Bureau Butler training specializes in Consulting, Training, Education and Placement for the private residential and premier hospitality markets worldwide. We assist our clients with staff planning and advising on household operations and best practices. Our Butler school provides training for staff within private residences and for the hotel/resort industry. Our firm specializes in butler training for luxury hotels. Additionally our placement division places high calibre candidates in both residential and hospitality positions including: Housekeepers, Chefs, Estate Managers, Personal Assistants, Chauffeurs, Butlers, and Household Managers. The Charles MacPherson Academy for Butlers and Household Managers is a private career school located in central London and Norfolk, UK that turns out skilled professionals who meet the service demands of the 21st Century.

Contact us on or
Call 00442032900142

We look forward to training you

Luxury yacht service training

Luxury yacht service training

Luxury yacht service training

Luxury yacht service training- live and train with us

Bespoke Bureau & The British  Butler Academy if offering world renowned Luxury yacht service training.  The luxury yacht service training course is designed to prepare you or excel for the sometimes challenging work on a super yacht. You will learn how to serve on the highest level. The interior luxury yacht service training course covers a variety of topics to enable the stewardess to create the highest level of service possible with confidence.

Luxury yacht service training-how we have developed it

Utilising Bespoke Bureau’s professional and world famous butler service training, our courses with offer the best professional training available on the market to yacht owners, employers and crew.

Founder of The Bespoke Bureau, Sara Vestin Rahmani is one of the world’s most respected figures in the luxury private service and she is making sure that the luxury yacht service training school is keeping a super high standard just like the rest of her training programmes.

Luxury yacht service training-Sara Vesti Rahmani

Luxury yacht service training-Sara Vesti Rahmani

Book now for the spring/summer/autumn and winter training courses in central London on our luxury.

Our luxury yacht service training offers:

  • Live on a 5 star yacht whilst you train
  • Highest standard training there is
  • A chance to make friends for a lifetime
  • Become certificated as a yacht owner

If you would like to find or book your ideal Luxury yacht service training course then please contact us on +44 (0) 2032900142 or for a full calendar of our courses

Our courses fill up quickly so please be quick.

Bespoke Bureau © 2012 | Blackwell House | Guildhall Yard |EC2V 5AE England |Main phone: +44(0)2032900142|

Interior yacht training

Interior yacht training

Yacht interior training

Yacht interior training – suitcase packing

Interior yacht training with The British Butler Academy offers individuals advanced luxury yacht crew training. If you want to train your private Yacht crew or need to find a course for yourself then look no further.

Interior yacht training – benefits of our course

Our Yacht interior Steward / Stewardess Course will teach you first class Yacht interior service with the 5 star attitude needed in today’s Yacht market. Whether you already have experience in the hospitality and customer service industry or are looking to move into that area, this elite yacht crew training course will provide beginners through to advanced students the necessary skills adapted specifically to a shipboard environment.

The Interior yacht training course is designed to equip you with multiple skills and a professional knowledge of your role onboard as a Yacht interior Stewardess or Steward. We teach you the skills and practical activities to become a fully productive Super Yacht staff member, able to confidently accept any Steward/ess assignment anywhere in the world. You will graduate with a famous and worldwide recognised certificate:

Our 5 day Interior yacht training course places great emphasis on the essentials of good service as well as giving you the theoretical and practical skills necessary to be an active crew member onboard a super yacht.

This Yacht interior crew qualification will increase your opportunities for placement once you’ve graduated.

We run weekly courses in the city of London on-board our 5 star yacht based in a zone 1 dock. It’s beautiful, luxury and very special.

Interior yacht training certificates

Our Internationally Recognised Yacht interior training  certifications are your entrée to getting a job aboard a Super yacht and you are almost guaranteed to find work onboard a super yacht with our diploma if you do well on your yacht service training course with us.

Our Yacht interior training certificates

Our accredited trainers offer you a bespoke and well tested and tried theoretical and practical ‘hands on’ training. Our team of experienced chief stewardess’ have recently returned from overseas ready to share and communicate their ‘up to date’ knowledge of the stewardess’ role onboard. After spending many years onboard various yacht vessels, they have the ‘know how to’ guide and support you through these fun filled training days. Each step along the way the Bespoke Bureau Interior yacht training course you will have a good time and make friends for life as well as learn invaluable tips and tricks of the Yacht industry.

Yacht interior training

Yacht interior training – work on a super yacht

How to become the best Yacht interior Steward or Stewardess?

A good steward/ess is polite, well presented, well groomed and lively. You need to have excellent communication skills and be well mannered. The knowledge and skills needed to perform the job are not difficult to learn but the attitude and art of good service is something that takes training and practice. This position requires a blend of responsibility, maturity and self-discipline along with a great sense of humour and the drive to provide exceptional service. You will need meticulous attention to detail both in your duties and in your personal presentation.

Some of the skills we teach at the Yacht interior training

  • Security, confidentiality and privacy issues
  • Elite VIP and silver service on yachts
  • Professional etiquette in communication, personal hygiene, appearance and attitude
  • International protocol and correct forms of address
  • All styles of food service and entertainment planning
  • Provisioning and product inventories
  • Decanting, purchasing, service and storage of fine wines
  • Impeccable care of exotic furnishings, finishes and fabrics
  • Total laundry procedures
  • Floral Arrangement
  • Guest care and valet services
  • Yacht interior Steward/ess Course requirements

    Yacht interior training - silver service training

    Yacht interior training – silver service training

Yacht interior training- entry requirements

  1. Either before or after you start your Steward/ess training you will need to have completed a five day STCW 95 Basic Safety Course (Standards of Training Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers), that is compulsory for all crew on super yachts.
  2. The STCW 95 gives you the minimum standard of qualification required to work on vessels of any size and equips you with a detailed understanding of what to do in the event of marine emergencies.
  3. Be at least 18 years of age

We include Silver Service training as part of our Yacht interior crew training

Silver service: exceptional service. It is a very popular type of service and you will come away with skills needed for the rest of your life whether you will work on a yacht, private house, restaurant or something totally different. Some of the topics covered are table settings, styles of service, food handling, body mechanics, napkins, presentation and proper service, wine service, table settings and storage. The module alone includes a certificate of completion.

How much is a Yacht interior course?

Steward/stewardess interior yacht crew training course – 5 day : £1500 +VAT  or £300+VAT per day

We can take payments in instalments.

The price includes all the theoretical and hands on training plus the famous interior crew certificate

How to book the Yacht interior training

If you would like to proceed, please contact us on +44 (0) 2032900142 or for a full calendar of our courses

Our courses fill up quickly so please be quick.

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Butler and Housekeeper training

Butler and Housekeeper training


What do we do?

Our Butler and Housekeeper Training Courses in London, Norfolk and Antibes offer 5 star traditional and modern household, hotel and personal service training with top standards as our priority. These butler and housekeeper training courses work on making you or your domestic staff the best Butlers and Housekeepers in the world. Areas covered include: the history and hiarchy of private domestic service, household management, etiquette and manners, silver service, clothes and valeting. Our famous House Management and Butler residential courses focus on running an establishment very well, with no hurdles and maximum efficiency. The curriculum cover: cultural differences, communication, roles and responsibilities as well as problem solving. There are also additional specialist courses, for example Valeting and the care of clothes (ladies’ and gentlemen’s wardrobes) as well as silver service, flower arranging and much much more

Who are the tutors?
Our tutors are all industry Butler and Housekeeper chosen by for their excellent service and manners. They are excellent teachers, offering an insight into private service whilst you training with us.

Our training is practical and interactive and all students on the courses are provided with handbooks to take away, and successful students receive a certificate which will make you stand out in front of the crowd when looking for your next butler or housekeeper role.

Please read on for more information on our Butler Course and our Housekeeper Course.

 00442032900142 or

Find French speaking Butler

Find French speaking Butler


Top Butler

Top Butler

If you are looking to find French speaking Butler to work for you, look no further. Our London based recruitment agency for Butlers will help you find French speaking Butler to suit your needs. We have temporary and permanent butlers.

Each butler has undergone a strict selection process. We do not advertise. All our butlers come to us via recommendations. We want to ensure we only provide our clients with a trusted Top butler. Our Butler Hire service is known as the best in the world. We place Elite male and female butlers for homes cross the globe

Our Butlers are:

  • interviewed.
  • vetted.
  • reference checked.
  • CRB  checked.

You can rest assured that the Butler we send you will be a very good one. Possibly the best in the world. We understand the importance to get it right for you. Your life is busy. We have long experienced in the butler industry. This is one of the reasons why we can help you choose the right  butler

Find French speaking Butler

Find French speaking Butler with ys

Why our agency?

  • We help VIP families find French speaking Butler candidates all year.
  • Our Butlers have a high reputation.
  • They are often trained and qualified on our famous Butler school.
  • We offer an unrivalled 12 month placement guarantee. .
  • Competitive Butler agency fees.
  • All registered candidates have a lot of experience.

No job is too small or too big for us for you can rest assured that we will be able to help you and your family

You can find more information on our websites or contact us:

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Sara Vestin Rahmani & The Elite Butler Team

Bespoke Bureau & The British Butler Academy

Blackwell House | Guildhall Yard
Bank | London | EC2V 5AE, UK
Bespoke: +44 (0) 2032900142

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House management course UK

House management course UK

House management course UK

House management course UK theory lesson

Are you for a House management course UK ? We run a solid House management course. We are based in central London. People from all over the world travel to us to train. We also travel to all corners of the globe to teach you individually. The House management course is part of the courses we run at The British Butler Academy.

House management course UK – We are the best

Training course for  house managers and butlers can be hard to find. To find a House management course UK  of top quality you may have been looking for a while. Our school is trusted and known to be the best. The Training course we offer will propel your career. If you are unemployed, you will be almost safe to find a good job after.

How does the House Management Course UK work?

  • Let us teach you the amazing skills, tricks and tools of the trade.
  • It all happens in a real life environment.
  • You will enjoy yourself and make friends for life.
  • We keep the groups very small with a maximum of 8-15 people.
  • The training course is held in beautiful stately homes.

    House management course UK

    House management course graduates

House management course for VIP households

If you have household staff that need training, we can help. We train fully staffed households. This is done via our on-site training programme. We have a large selection of trainers. They are of a high standard. They can come to you anywhere in the world. To your house. To your hotel. To your yacht or private club.

Jobs after the House management course UK

  • After you have completed your training course you will be qualified.
  • If you want, we can place you if you have been good.
  • Jobs in the domestic staff fields are available.
  • Jobs on a yacht with a good salary we also have.

Cost of the House Management Course UK

House management course UK

Students having fun

It is in our interest to keep the prices down for you and your friends. This was you afford it. You will also often recommend us to others. This way we can train more good people.

We charge like this: £300 for 1 day and cheaper the more days you book. The 2 week training is £3000. All prices + VAT

How to book a House management course UK

These courses can be very expensive. However, we keep out prices down for you. We believe in this profession. We want to promote the private service industry. Call or email us to enquire about a House management course UK dates. We can send you the agency’s best available dates and prices as well as location details.

For more information on the House management course UK  please contact: +442032900142 or

You can find more information on our websites or contact the team:

Sara Vestin Rahmani

Sara Vestin Rahmani heads the company

Kind Regards,

Sara Vestin Rahmani – Director

Bespoke Bureau, Peek-a-boo and Cupcakes

Blackwell House | Guildhall Yard

Bank | London | EC2V 5AE

Main phone: +44 (0) 2032900142



Silver service training courses

Silver service training courses

Silver service training courses

Our Silver service training courses are considered the best

Our silver service training courses are known as the best. Our team of top trainers will teach you all you need to know. We teach silver service, table management and other service.  The courses run all year in central London. We also offer silver service training courses overseas. You can book a group or individual course. We can also come to you. Dates and costs of the silver service training courses here.

Call +442032900142 or email for more info, dates and costs.

Who books the silver service training courses?

  • Butlers.
  • Hotels.
  • Restaurants.
  • Yacht crew.
  • Cabin Crew.
  • Waiters.
  • House Managers.
  • Housekeepers.
  • Anyone else looking to learn this skill.

    Silver service training courses

    Learn how to get it right the first time around

How our training works:

The silver service training courses are designed for both new and old staff. Anyone looking for new skills or to update old ones are welcome. The course is good for Cabin Crew or Yacht crew. It is also for anyone else in the service industry. The training has fun learning sessions. We focus on 30% theory and 70% practise. The classes at the silver service training courses are small. This way you will learn as much as possible.

Become the best.

The VIP silver service training courses run over 1-3 days. They can also be made in a way that suits you. We deliver them on-board yachts, jets and in your home.

Corporate silver service training courses for VIP Cabin Crew and Yacht crew

Silver service training courses

The training is interactive and fun

Our training is perfect for private jet crew and yacht crew. The courses are delivered by very experienced private service experts. The Elite trainers combine their knowledge and skills. This is to ensure that our training makes your crew the best. We want  to teach you how to be the best in a silver service environment. This course is also great for cabin crew working on corporate or private jets. Those who deliver a First Class service product on-board commercial airliners will also gain knowledge from our course.

What we teach

  • Silver service.
  • VIP service.
  • Table Settings.
  • Napkin Folding.
  • Cutlery & Glasses Etiquette.
  • International Menus.
  • Preparing the Cabin.
  • Dressing Lavatories.
  • Food Service Delivery.
  • Different Types of Service.
  • Basic Food Hygiene.
  • Wines & Cold Beverages.
  • Hot Beverages.
  • VIP Customers.
  • Elite etiquette and protocol.

Silver service definition

To book the course, please contact us on +442032900142 or email today. We look forward to speaking to you.

Thank you!

Bespoke Bureau, Blackwell House, Guildhall Yard, Bank, London, EC2V 5AE, UK

Watch us on our Bespoke Vimeo channel

Silver Service Waiting Courses

Silver Service Waiting Courses

Silver service waiting courses

Become the best with us

We run excellent Silver Service Waiting Courses. Based in central London the training is available all year around. Book short or long courses. You can do the course in a group or privately. This hands on silver service course is ideal for domestic staff. It is also perfect for hotel and service staff. Anyone who wants to be an elite waiter as part of their job should join. An high percentage of today’s hospitality staff  need this skill. Although silver service is an old fashioned type of service, it is popular. With this skill on your CV, new doors will open and higher paid jobs may be in short reach. Let our specialist teachers show you all the tricks and tools of the trade.

What we teach on the Silver Service Waiting Courses

This training takes place in real life settings. We are based at the famous guildhall. The training covers:

  • Table Setting
  • Greeting Guests
  • Silver Service
  • Service Techniques
  • Taking the Order
  • Plate Service
  • Napkin Folding
  • Guest care
  • Elite service
  • VIP care

Dates and costs of the Silver Service Waiting Courses here

Silver service waiting courses

Silver service waiting courses

Silver service waiting courses are available all year around. The courses get booked up early so please be sure to contact us soon if you are serious. You can also book your individual course where we come to you. This Silver Service Waiting Courses will make you instantly certified. Make friends for life on our popular and fun courses. The students are known to get high paid roles after they graduate.

Contact us:

Give us a ring on +44202900142. You can also email us on

Kind Regards, The British Butler Academy

Blackwell House | Guildhall Yard
Bank | London | EC2V 5AE, UK
Phone: +44 (0) 2032900142

Watch us on our  internet channels:

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Butler working duties today

Butler working duties

Butlers are a specialized type of household staff. They are responsible for running a formal household and meeting the employer’s personal needs. A British butler is the embodiment of:

  • courtesy
  • discretion
  • etiquette.

Butler working duties can vary a great deal depending who he or she is working for.

Butler working duties

Bespoke Bureau

Bespoke Bureau butlers

Our butlers are often trained at our Butler academy. Our clients know that butlers that have qualified with us are seen as the best. Our Butlers are educated and have professional experience in the field. Their knowledge ranges from:

  • formal serving protocol
  • household maintenance
  • personnel management
  • accounting skills
  • much much more

    Butler working duties

    Butler working duties

Bespoke Bureau’s Butlers are different

Our butlers understand the importance of flawless social etiquette, privacy, confidentiality, and problem solving.

Butler duties include many practical tasks. A butler position is very personal and hands-on, including such duties as personal shopping, wardrobe maintenance, correspondence, travel arrangement, and chauffeur service.

Other butler working duties include:

  • Answering the residence phone
  • Receiving and greeting guests
  • Serving meals and drinks
  • Setting and serving a formal table
  • Light cooking
  • Light housekeeping
  • Running errands
  • Grocery shopping
  • Household shopping
  • Caring for wardrobe
  • Packing and unpacking for trips
  • Coordinating travel arrangements
  • Managing household budget
  • Paying household bills
  • Planning and executing social events
  • Maintaining the wine cellar
  • Caring for fine china, art, and antiques
  • Supervising other household staff
  • Errands
  • Butler working duties

    Our happy butler team

Butler Salaries

We place butlers for:

  • VIP homes
  • Hotels
  • Private member clubs
  • Yachts

They work:

  • Full time
  • Part time
  • Temporary
  • Permanently

A butler’s full-time annual salary is £40,000-£80,000 depending on credentials, experience, and Butler working duties.

Fee and Guarantee:

The agency fee includes:

  • full search
  • extensive background checks
  • and long-term guarantee

We give all clients a 12 month placement guarantee. At no additional cost to you in the unlikely event that a hired candidate becomes unavailable or does not work out.

To start your search today, call:


Thank you!

Sara Vestin Rahmani

Bespoke Bureau

Blackwell House | Guildhall Yard

Bank | London | EC2V 5AE

Main phone: +44 (0) 2032900142

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Yacht Crew Training UK

Yacht Crew Training UK

Yacht crew training UK

Yacht crew training UK

With our Yacht Crew Training UK you will have you chance to get onboard and work on the the most famous super yachts around.  Our training is theoretical but mainly practical and you will live and work onboard a 5 star yacht in central London with us. You will get a reference if you do well and of course a certificate if you are good.

Want to work or excel as part of a Yacht crew? Come to our Yacht Crew Training UK

Bespoke Bureau provide an exclusive interior Yacht Crew Training UK course to help prepare or excel you in a challenging but exciting career working on a super yacht. With over 25 years experience, our tutors offer unique courses tailored to teach you in a friendly and professional manner.

Key elements on the Yacht Crew Training UK include:

  • Services such as silver service and Russian service
  • Yachting life: what to expect
  • Etiquette and presentation
  • Table service and table management (mise en place)
  • Interior housekeeping
  • Interior yacht cleanliness
  • Elementary cocktails, mixology and barista training
  • Wine: introduction and basic knowledge
  • Safety on board
  • CV preparation for a career in yachting

    Work on an amazing yacht like this

    Work on an amazing yacht like this

Yacht Crew Training UK details and info

Yacht crew training UK

Yacht crew training UK-table management

Duration: 5 days

Dates are listed here: Yacht Crew Training UK dates

You can also have tailor made courses where we come to you and offer training on your yacht for your yacht crew

Location of the Yacht Crew Training UK

London luxury 5 star yacht where you will live and train in a real life setting

It is essential that you get real life training which you will get on our courses. Live, train and work on a luxury yacht

Payment options on the Yacht Crew Training UK

Full payment with booking or option to pay 50% now and the balance to reach us no later than 15 days before the commencement of your course (course fees are non refundable).

On arrival for the Yacht Crew Training UK course you must be:

  • Punctual
  • Hygienic
  • Fit and healthy
  • Well presented
  • Ready to learn!
  • Please consider the above points before you book the course.

If you would like to proceed, please contact us on +44 (0) 2032900142 or for a full calendar of our courses

Housekeeper laundry training

Housekeeper laundry training

Housekeeper laundry training

Housekeeper laundry training with us is fun

We run specialist Housekeeper laundry training courses in London. We also travel to your house or hotel if you wish.

Housekeeper training in London  with us

Our exclusive Housekeeper training courses have become very popular with households. Those who want their housekeepers to be the best send them to us. We run 1-3 day laundry courses that will refresh your housekeeper’s skills. We also run courses in all other types of housekeeping. Long and short courses are on offer. Private or group training.

The curriculum

During the program, students will have both classroom and hands-on classes.

The subjects taught will include, but are not limited to:

  • Understanding Personal Hygiene
  • Laundry tools required today
  • Laundry products
  • Dealing with speciality items such as silk, velvet, curtains and rugs
  • Time management
  • Dry cleaning
  • Hand washing
  • Machine management
  • Drying management
  • Valeting
  • Wardrobe management
  • Care of fine fabrics
  • Understanding the value of haute couture

    Housekeeper laundry training


Advanced Housekeeper laundry training

This course is designed for a variety of people. We mostly train:

  • Private housekeepers
  • Hotel housekeepers
  • Hotel maids
  • House wives
  • Butlers
  • House Managers

The courses take place in central London at our mansion. We can come to you.

The Housekeeper laundry training course aim

We wish to teach you everything you need to know about laundry in private houses or for 5 star hotels. Visit our course dates page for dates and costs.

How the Housekeeper training works

During the program, students have classroom training but mainly hands on training. We think it is important to teach you the skills of a first class housekeeper. This is done by working and practising in small groups in a real life luxury setting.  About 70% of the training is role play.

What certificate will I gain?

Sara Vestin Rahmani

Sara Vestin Rahmani is our owner and hires housekeepers herself

All our students at the British Butler Academy will receive an attendance certificate. You get the option to become accredited with us. Our certificates are recognised globally. At our discretion we will also write references to the students that have done well.

How to book the Housekeeper Training Course

Contact us on +442032900142, fill in the form below or e-mail us on 
or visit our course dates page for a full calendar of our courses

Thank you!

Sara Vestin Rahmani

Bespoke Bureau

Blackwell House | Guildhall Yard

Bank | London | EC2V 5AE

Main phone: +44 (0) 2032900142

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