Butlers Training Schools

Butlers Training Schools

Butlers Training Schools

Butlers Training Schools

Butlers Training Schools are hard to locate. We are one of the few in the world. Our courses get booked up fast. However, we have availability for this year and next. Contact us to apply on info@bespokebureau.com today for further info on how to book the training with us.

Butlers Training Schools – an education for life

Butler: A butler is the head servant.  Usually in charge of the kitchen and the dining room.  The modern butlers role is much more complex. We are known o the be the world’s leading Butler agency and academy.

Butler Training Schools

Butler Training Schools

Valet: A valet is a personal servant. Traditionally responsible for a gentlemen and his dress. Today a valet might be any personal servant. Typically a valet butler travels with his/her employer.

House Manager: Similar to a butler but a more modern term. The house manager will do everything from service to management and more. A multi tasking super hero.

Butlers Training Schools – what you will learn.

Our Butlers Training schools are available for those wishing to become qualified as a Butler and to all of those wanting to join or excel in this fascinating luxury industry.

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Contact us on +442032900142 or info@bespokebureau.com for more information on how to book.

Our Butlers Training Schools focus on:

  • Hygiene standards
  • Personal presentation
  • Communication skills including conversation and listening.
  • Body language and eye contact.
  • Posture and dress code.
  • Etiquette & Service language excellence.

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For dates and costs, please call +442032900142 or email info@bespokebureau.com

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