Butler valet training course

Butler valet training course

Butler Valet Training course

Why should I train with you?

Look no further. We are offering in house courses for those wanting to become a Valet or a butler valet to work in the high end service industry

  • Are you looking to find a Butler valet training course teach you the skills to become top Valet or a Butler? Then call us and get booked on
  • Maybe you want to learn all about valeting and  your role as a travelling butler? -Welcome to train with the Elite

Butler valet training course-What will I learn?

  • Role of the valet and ladies maid
  • Keeping in the Loop
  • Presenting Clothes
  • Planning the Day/Week
  • Preparing for Travel
  • How to Protect Clothes
  • Packing a Suitcase training
  • Packing for a Guest training
  • Being a Professional
  • Being Discreet
  • Booking Travel and Restaurants
  • Shopping for Clothes
  • Buying and Subscribing to Newspapers
  • Keeping an Eye Out
  • Shoe Polish and Care training
  • PA/Concierge Work training

We have some top courses coming up at discounted prices so call 00442032900142 or email sara@bespokebureau.com today for more info on our Butler valet training course