Butler school information

Dear Readers, we daily get emails from people asking us for Butler school information. Please have a look on this page to find out what is on offer. The British Butler Academy is a famous Butler school based in the United Kingdom. The Butler institute is esteemed to be the best in the world.

Butler school information

Butler school information – read and join

Butler school information – our industry

The luxury service  market is booming. The rich are getting richer. Butlers and House Managers must understand the needs of their bosses. Our Butler school students receive training in how to correctly execute their job. We teach the skills of how to work. We also teach you how to manage other staff correctly. Our curriculum is one to be extremely proud of as each Butler student who undergoes elite Butler Training will take each lesson with him / her for life.

Butler school information – what you can expect to learn with us

  • The Role of the Butler
  • Household Management
  • Table Management
  • Housekeeping and Laundry Management
  • The True Art of Service
  • Home computer and tech training
  • Jet and Yacht Butler – Life at sea for a Butler and vice versa, Life in the air for a Butler
  • Silver Service and management
  • Etiquette and Protocol
Butler school information

Head Butler Trainer checks his collar during butler training

A Butler must be able to do the following:

  •  How to run the Butler’s office
  • How to keep household accounts
  • Answering the door to visitors
  • How to acquire the perfect telephone manner
  • The butler book
  • How to use the pantry book  (Some Butlers are now using computers)
  • The guest & menu book ( visitors book )
  • How to be discreet, loyal and dedicated
  • How to behave with your employers
  • How to keep up your professional standards and the importance of your appearance
  • The importance of your own behavior off duty
  • Housekeeping
  • The housekeeper’s role
  • The care of clothes and preparing clothes daily
  • Household cleaning techniques and the type of materials to be used
  • Understanding the care and cleaning of antiques
  • Discussing cleaning silver
  • Laying a table for luncheon
  • Laying a table for dinner
  • How to serve a luncheon and a dinner
  • How to give silver service
  • Packing suitcases
  • Booking air fares
  • Booking hotels
  • Booking restaurants
  • Check-lists for all occasions
  • How to organise a dinner
  • Table plans
  • Hiring agency staff
  • Butler school information

    Our Butler trainers are considered the best

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