Butler courses 2015 UK

Butler courses 2015 UK

2 week residential Butler courses 2015 UK. Space now available.

Butler courses 2015 UK info

Butler courses 2015 UK

Butler courses 2015 UK

The Residential Butler course is intense, challenging, thorough but fun! Learn the skills of a contemporary butler. The tools to work as a great team butler as taught by us. Study alongside your fellow students in individual and group activities. Living, cooking and learning together, professional friendships will be forged that last a lifetime.

The Butler courses 2015 UK are open for the public once every other month. We also run residential tailor made Butler and service courses at our premises for other companies globally.

Butler courses 2015 UK – curriculum

When on the Residential Butler and House Management course you will learn a lot. You will be taught what it is like working as a Butler and House Manager on an estate. We teach topics such as:

  • Etiquette.
  • Valeting.
  • Silver Service.
  • Butler service.
  • Care of Antiques.
  • Care of Fine Clothes.
  • Presentation and Packing.
  • Staff management.
  • Communication skills.
  • Cultural differences amongst many other subjects.
  • Part of the training is also a finishing school module which is very popular.

Butler courses 2015 UK – certification

Upon successful completion of the Residential Butler and House management course you will be awarded with a Certificate. A qualification from Bespoke Bureau’s prestigious Butler Academy is sure to propel you in your current career. It will put you ahead of others in your profession.

Head Butler trainer

Head Butler trainer

Our previous Butler courses 2015 UK have a very high success rate in finding Butler and House management employment. Upon successful completion of the course we can easily place you. Those already in employment have reported a marked increase in their wage.

The Butler and Housekeeper course is split into various modules which consist of (but are not exclusive to):

– The Role of the Butler, Housekeeper and House Manager

– Greeting Guests

– General House Etiquette

– Personal Hygiene and Dress Code

– Employer Expectations/ Professionalism

– Cultural Difference and Communication

– Staff Rota, Managing and Training of Staff

– Reporting to the Lady/Gentleman of the House

– Computer/Blackberry/Outlook- Protection and Passwords

– Daily and Weekly Tasks

– Time Management and Prioritising Work

– Rotas

– The Cost of Fine Garments

– Understanding the Employer’s Wishes

– Silver Service (English Service)

– Butler Service (French Service)

– Russian Service

– The Difference Between the Different Types of Service

– Keeping the Table and Cloth Clean

– Serving Coffee

– Guest Departure Etiquette

Much much more



Butler courses 2014 costings

The cost for you as an individual would be £3000+VAT so £3600 plus a £100-150 per night (sometimes less) which includes the accommodation in a very nice cottage at the premises.

We run this particular course in a stately large home in London. 

We need a deposit asap to secure your space (50% at least)

Why us?

We have the reputation of being one of the Best Butler Schools in Europe. We are also a famous domestic staff placement agency. We are to offer Butler training high paid jobs to all our candidates.

How can I book Butler courses 2015 UK?

You call or on 00442900142 or email us on sara@bespokebureau.com. We will help guide you to the best course available.

Sara Vestin Rahmani with Butler and dog

Sara Vestin Rahmani with Butler and dog

You can find more information on our website www.bespokebureau.com or contact the team  on the details below:

Kind regards,

Sara Vestin Rahmani

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Main phone: +44 (0) 2032900142


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